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Transport from and to airport offers new potential for airlines

In addition to offering flights, airline companies should also offer the possibility to book (public) transport from and to the airport. A travel and cancellation insurance is more popular in Belgium than in the Netherlands. “This corresponds with the fact that Belgians look for more security in their holiday behaviour when they go on holiday. They want to avoid anything going wrong and like to arrange as much as possible beforehand.”, says Annelies Verhaeghe, R&D Consultant at InSites Consulting.
Fresh air in the plane and play areas for children are just some of the ideas provided by travellers when asked how flights could be improved and what the airport of the future should look like. These are results from research conducted by InSites Consulting in Belgium and the Netherlands in co-operation with Living Tomorrow.
Read the full press release: PressReleaseInSitesConsulting28_01

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