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940 million social media users in the world

72% of Internet users are part of at least one social network, which translates to 940 million users worldwide. These are the results of a global study among 2,800 Internet users. Eastern Europe and Asia are the regions with the lowest use (4 out of 10), while South America has the highest usage in terms of percentage (95%). Globally, Facebook remains the most popular online platform (51% use Facebook), followed by MySpace (20%) and Twitter (17%).

72% are members of two social network sites
The majority of surfers are members of two or more social network sites; this usually entails two sites used for private purposes. 16% are members of a professional network, of which LinkedIn is the most popular.

Steven Van Belleghem“It is becoming difficult for new social sites to recruit members. The majority of surfers are happy with their current situation and do not want to become members of a new platform. Furthermore, they do not intend to reduce their use of their current sites. There is therefore a certain degree of stability in this market,” explains Steven Van Belleghem, Managing Partner of InSites Consulting.

Twice per day and 195 friends
Users of social media log in on average twice per day. On professional sites this percentage is significantly lower, where the average is nine times per month. Different types of users exist: there are those who log in often though rarely write anything themselves and mainly observe others (14%). There is another group of 26% who frequently log in and write something every time they do.

The average social media user has 195 friends, in which South America is highest with an average of 360 friends, followed by Portugal with 236 friends and the United States with 200 friends.

Unfriending is a popular activity
58% of social media users have unfriended a friend. South American users are highest in this category too – 81% have removed people from their social network.

Check out the full report!

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28 thoughts on “940 million social media users in the world

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  6. This whole thing of Social Media is so interesting. It’s growing daily and really quite amazing. So many little cottage businesses and careers have been started by something as simple and blogging and texting. Great article by the way.

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  8. What was the confidence interval in this study? The sample sizes seem to small to draw general conclusions. It is an interesting indication, and a very good report. But in order to draw any conclusions from it I would like to know a bit more about the method and about the deviations.

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  17. Is Linked In considered social media? I guess it must be because of the interconnection of people aspect. I find I’m spending more and more time on Linked In rather than Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for the post.

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  20. Assuming results of 2800 people would reflect almost a billion seems a little far-stretched. Also, what were the demographics allowed for in the 2800? It says that the 2800 were global participants – did the size/age/sex of groups come into consideration at all?

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