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Play, interpret together, play again and create a win-win-win

There are three concepts that have the potential to change the world of market research as we know it today. If used correctly these concepts hold the promise of a “triple win”: richer data, better analysis and higher client involvement. In the end, this will lead to a higher business impact and thus better research in general. This triple win consists of Gamification, Crowd Interpretation and Infotainment. In this paper in the Forward Thinking Series, titled Play, interpret together, play again and create a win-win-win, we will discuss the roles of this “triple win”. To illustrate the 3 concepts, we will use a case study that we did among Generation Y respondents. The paper is a take-out of our presentation at Esomar3D.

I could not have written this paper without the use of the extensive knowledge and excellent writing skills of my dear colleague Elias Veris, R&D consultant at InSites Consulting: he’s the co-author of the paper you can find below!




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