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Accenture Innovation Awards for Finance

Accenture Innovation Awards: cast your vote!

Accenture (with support of InSites Consulting and a variety of partners) organizes the second edition of the Accenture BeLux Innovation Awards for Financial services. In the background of a struggling financial industry, new innovative ideas are born. The Accenture Innovation Awards aim to gather and support creative financial services-related concepts (on the Belgian and Luxembourgish market). Discover the top 25 innovations in Financial Services and cast your vote!

More information about the Accenture Innovation Awards  for Financial Services is available at

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One thought on “Accenture Innovation Awards: cast your vote!

  1. Paschicombo because of its very practical application – even in daily life (I have +/- 5 credit / debit cards) and 2 different types of card readers.
    Qustomer because of the the idea behind that can potentially be applied in many other contexts as well.

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