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Pedigree and Whiskas

Connecting the Mars Petcare team with the world of consumers and their pets

How often did you happen to come across a picture or video of an adorable cat or dog on the Internet which then made you smile instantly? Some of us go further and upload pictures or videos of their own pet or even write blogs about it. There seems to be a never-ending source of cuteness when it comes to cats and dogs! And when talking to pet owners, many of them will consider their pet as part of their family and will talk at great lengths about their adorable personality! Read more


Validating insights that fall into social desirability bias

Consumer insights often present topics that deal with socially undesirable situations. These statements can tap into areas such as social preconceptions, the need to fit into a group or social image desires. In these cases, such insights may fail to validate, not necessarily because they don’t resonate with consumers or are not true, but rather because social desirability bias leads to low identification with the insight. In other words, low scores can be caused by the reluctance to admit embarrassing or socially unaccepted situations.Read more

NIVEA for Men

From smart segmentation to brand activation

Last month, on June 17th, I was given the opportunity to represent InSites Consulting at my first STIMA congress. Located in an impressive venue with a warm and welcoming team, the congress was a perfect evening full of neuron stimulation and sharing of best segmentations practices, because that was the day’s topic. Ranging from marketing to senior citizens to women segmentation to NIVEA Men, all topics were very captivating and generated thoughtful discussions.Read more

IKEA 2013 catalogue

The journey behind the global evaluation of the 2013 IKEA catalogue

Join us in Boston (US) on June 24 for the ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions Event 2013. Together with IKEA, Tom De Ruyck will present insights into the key marketing challenge global brands like IKEA are confronted with: How to ensure that global communication efforts stay locally relevant. The annual catalogue is IKEA’s main communication channel with existing and potential customers globally. In this presentation Tom will demonstrate how the 2013 edition of the catalogue was evaluated through research communities in five different countries.Read more

Collaborating with consumers in Asia

Our adventures at Insights Valley Europe & Asia

Last September (September 6 & 7), Insights Valley Europe took place in Amsterdam and our own Anouk Willems was there to present a Heinz community case. During this two-day congress, great cases from various brands were shared, ranging from Unilever and ING to Discovery Channel and BBC News. One of the hot topics of the congress was ‘communities’ and that is where InSites Consulting comes in.Read more

Four golden eggs

Four characteristics of a good insight

As published on February 15, 2013 at Marketing Tribune. Any good marketing strategy starts from a strong consumer insight. Take a brand, e.g. J&B (Diageo). The ‘insight’ that lays at the base of innovation and communication concepts for the brand is: “In a world of day-to-day constraints and social pressure, consumers want nights out that offer the promise that the unexpected can happen”. But when do you actually have a strong insight?Read more

Generation WHY

Generation (wh)Y?

As published on MarketingTribune on December 14, 2012. ‘Generation Y’: they are now aged 13 to 29, most of them never knew a life without Internet or smartphones, it is difficult to convince them through traditional advertising, they easily see through cheap marketing tricks, they consider themselves to be enterprising, they want brands to be honest and transparent, and they find it difficult to commit themselves to one single brand. As this generation is about three times the size of the previous generation X, their impact on society and other generations is clear. What does this imply in order to successfully involve youngsters in market research?Read more


Global food survey identifies 10 future-proof consumer trends

This week Puratos (an international group offering materials and expertise to the food industry) released the results of a global InSites Consulting survey into consumer attitudes and choices to inspire future innovation within the food industry. Last week, during the Taste Tomorrow customer event in Chicago, the results were shared by Hakim Zemni, Managing Director InSites Consulting Belgium who introduced 10 mega-trends for the industry.Read more