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Joeri Van den Bergh

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Joeri Van den Bergh

T. +32 9 269 16 06
M. +32 496 23 29 19

Evergemsesteenweg 195
9032 Ghent

"Be yourself no matter what it takes"
Latest Article
The Big Lie - Marketing Book of the Year 2014

Marketing Book of the Year 2014

As published on How Cool Brands Stay Hot on March 18, 2014. Since 2012 Expert Marketer Magazine has been organizing a competition to crown the Marketing Book of the Year, based on the opinion of the jury, an advisory board of expert marketers – not only to award the most inspiring book but also to encourage authors, publishers and marketers in all parts of the world to take initiatives for sharing their ideas by means of the written word. In 2012, my book How Cool Brands Stay Hot won the first edition and this year I was given the chance to experience the other side of it, as a member of the jury.Read more

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Latest Presentation
Meet the Millennials

Meet the Millennials: Executives and kids debate the future

Since the explosion of gaming, music downloads, social networks, instant messaging and viral media, marketing to the Millennial Generation, the newest target for many brands, requires a whole new language. In live panel debate at EuroSummit ’14 (moderated by Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert and co-founder of InSites Consulting & author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot), industry executives talk to kids 9 to 14 years old about new media, technology, user experiences, and more. It’s a rare opportunity to hear from Generation Z, learn about their preferences and behaviors, and how to market to them in more meaningful ways.View full presentation

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