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Joeri Van den Bergh

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Joeri Van den Bergh

T. +32 9 269 16 06
M. +32 496 23 29 19

Evergemsesteenweg 195
9032 Ghent

"Be yourself no matter what it takes"
Latest Article
Those f**king YOLOs!

Those f**king YOLOs!

As published on How Cool Brands Stay Hot on October 15, 2014. Today’s twenty-somethings. They have already had many labels: ‘Y’ as successor of generation X, but also Millennials, generation NEXT, the dot-com generation, the Einstein generation, the Echo Boomers etcetera. Last Saturday, during a cosy dinner among friends, a new label came my way: “those annoying stuck-up YOLOs”. YOLO stands for ‘You Only Live Once’, of course, and the current generation of youth is frequently said to be lazy, spoiled, hedonistic and know-it-all.Read more

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Observing trends with the NXTGEN at IIeX

Who’s up NXT? Observing trends with the Z Generation

End ’14 InSites Consulting’s Forward Lab challenged youngsters to come up with a better understanding of their own future behavior than expert trendwatchers. Did this unique combination of an online trend game and crowd analysis lead to meaningful trend detection? Gen Y author Joeri Van den Bergh shared the insights of this experiment at the IIeX Europe event in Amsterdam (NL) on February 18, 2015.View full presentation

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