More than 370.000 over-50s active in social networks in Belgium

3 out of 10 online over-50s in Belgium (374.000) belong to at least 1 social network. Facebook is the most popular social network in this target group: 47% know it and 14% are a member. Social networks are mainly used for private purposes and less so for professional purposes. For the latter, LinkedIn is the most popular network.  Belgium and the Netherlands are trailing behind the UK as far as the awareness and membership of social networks is concerned amongst online over-50s. All this has become apparent in market research carried out by InSites Consulting regarding awareness and use of social networks in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.
“Our research clearly dispels the myth that social networks and interactive websites are used only by young people. Today Facebook is popular amongst our over-50s and this will be more so in the future. Many people in this target group realise very well that membership of a social network is necessary to communicate with young people and most simply really enjoy it,” according to Steven Van Belleghem, Managing Partner at InSites Consulting.
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