Brand Religion

Brand Religion Smartees

This is the full recording of our Brand Religion Smartees Webinar, presented by Katia Pallini on 28 February, 2017. This 1-hour online session sheds a new light on your companies’ marketing beliefs.

Since the early days of business, marketing gurus have preached their beliefs on how to build strong brands. These theories and models have been translated into numerous books to provide a clear framework for marketers on what to aim for and how to grow their brand. But in this abundance of models and theories, marketers might find themselves lost in translation. In this presentation we aim to simplify the world of marketing in three main Brand Religions beyond the classic ‘Kotler-ian’ thinking:

  • Penetration Religions: models inspired by thinkers like Byron Sharp, stating that brands grow through penetration by building mental and physical availability.
  • Influencers Religions: theories emphasizing the power of word-of-mouth and their impact on brand leverage.
  • Relationship Religions: school of thought inspired by gurus like Kevin Roberts and stressing the importance of emotions and relationship marketing.

You will discover the core beliefs behind each of these Brand Religions and, together with relevant case study examples, find out how to track the different performance metrics that go hand in hand with these models. Get in touch for an in-company session (via