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fr*AGILE: Is NextGen marketing more chemistry than science?

Is NextGen marketing more chemistry than science? In today’s post-truth society change comes rapidly and unexpected. How do brands speed up their NextGen (Gen Y & Z) marketing strategies to get ready for the new decade? Based on dozens of international expert interviews with senior marketing executives of renowned brands (such as PepsiCo, LEGO, Freitag, LEVI’s, Beiersdorf, Audible, MasterCard, AB InBev, eBay, IKEA, Tommy Hilfiger…), Joeri Van den Bergh (Co-founder & NextGen expert) and Katia Pallini (Content Impact Manager) share insights on brands that bond beyond disruption.

Get your download of our fr*AGILE bookzine via and discover how to speed up your marketing to keep up with your consumers in today’s fast-changing fragile world.