The truth & nothing but the truth

The truth and nothing but the truth

This global Generation Y report offers the result of a large-scale InSites Consulting youth study. Globally youngsters think Facebook pages of brands are not credible. Blogs, friends and brand users are more credible. The big majority of Gen Yers across the globe believe they’re honest and reliable, but not that many see themselves as real and authentic. Millennials are clearly in an identity struggle, finding their place under the sun. Especially Belgian Yers lack self-confidence to see themselves as such. Half of the Italians, Brazilians and Americans believe they’re authentic and real. In their identity search, Gen Yers are not always acting as we would expect. They feel most at ease in their direct social environment, surrounded by their partner, friends and parents. At the same time, 1 out of 4 Millennials can only be his/her true self when being alone!