SSI – InSites Consulting Challenge Cup

Last week, with the kick-off of the first football match between our very own Burger Boys and SSI’s Sharp Shooters International, the new tradition of the SSI – InSites Consulting Challenge Cup was started. SSI, which actually stands for Survey Sampling International, is one of our partnering panel providers. During the close collaboration over the last months, we discovered a mutual interest and after quite some time of anticipation, a date was finally set for a friendly game of football. So, last Wednesday, we gathered in Sporthal Kralingen in Rotterdam -home town of SSI- for an exciting game, which was won with a golden goal… by us. Final score was 5-6.

Needless to say, fans and supporters were on the edge of their seat right until the end. This ‘jury’ also had the pleasure of electing a ‘Hot Shot’ for the evening -the best player on the field- as well as cast a vote on the nicest goal. Winners were Martin Loedeman of SSI and our own Wim De Wever. All in all, a very successful evening, followed by a nice night on the town in Rotterdam. Thank you SSI, we already look forward to the next challenge!

More pictures are available at our Facebook fanpage!

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  1. Nice summary Veerle, also nice to reiterate that it was the “home town of SSI”. This message definately triggers a re-match. Bye the way in the Netherlands it was Tuesday… 🙂

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