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Annual BAQMaR Conference 2011: Creative Ways

On December 8th 2011 in the Marriott Hotel in Ghent (Belgium) the annual BAQMaR Conference will take place.The theme for this year is: “Creative Ways”. The conference will bring together some of the brightest minds of the industry who found ‘creative ways’ to grasp the new opportunities or to overcome some of the issues we face today. In the last 5 years the rise of the internet and especially social media caused a boom in new opportunities researchers and analysts have: new data sources, alternative ways of collecting data and engaging marketing people with the consumer world. Next to that, science moved on and showed us that consumer behavior is less rational than we think. A shocking fact that is putting question marks to everything we do! All details about the conference can be found here. You can let your friends in the research and analytics world know that you will be at the BAQMaR Conference 2011: ‘Creative Ways’ via Facebook and LinkedIn. See you there!

Research uncovered

Fringe Factory

Fringe Factory is a new intitiative supported by ESOMAR. It’s an independent group of young people who aim to provide a platform, a place to bring edgy thoughts to the Market Research industry. The board for 2011 gathers young researchers across the globe: Cristina Paes, Lizet Aufderheijde, Will Goodhand, Mariette Brethouwer and Tom De Ruyck. Their ambition is to make research cool again. Cause let’s be honest, most people think market researchers are geeky people who sit around all day crunching numbers and stalking people on the street with a clipboard and pen.

Their first event ‘Research Uncovered’ is coming up on Monday 19 September in Amsterdam (linked to the ESOMAR General Conference) and they are looking for great stories and experiences from you to show the world what a fun, challenging and diverse profession we are in.

Triggered by their vision? Visit

Webvertising Forum

The Webvertising Forum 2011 #wvf11

This year’s edition of the Webvertising Forum, held last Friday in Brussels, gave a nice overview of what the “Mad Men” of today have been up to. The guys from Duval Guillaume, The Parking Lot, Famous, Square Melon, BBDO & Instruxion presented client cases and shared their insights on the current online environment.

Evan Van Lissum told us 10 things we should know the internet, putting it nicely into perspective and making it tangible. If you have any doubts on the power of the internet, if you want to know how to avoid your Facebook page from being banned or simply get an idea of the ‘do’s and do not do’s’ of webvertising.

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The Naked Brand

Last week we organized our Dutch edition of The Naked Brand event together with Blauw Research. 100 marketers and market researchers joined us in Rotterdam at the Unilever offices.

It was a full-day conference on how brands can connect more with consumers. Following decades of exposure to brand messaging, consumers are becoming expert marketers. Brands need to re-evaluate their relationships with consumers, recognizing the opportunities of working with them rather than just selling to them.
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On January 11, Research Rockstar will be hosting a Market Research Twitterversity, 117 market research lessons will be released over 17 hours (#MRXU).

While market research has many advanced topics that require specialized training, this event focuses on the market research basics. So anyone new to conducting, using, purchasing, receiving market research can join this free Twitterversity.

Five market research experts have been asked to join as professors. They will be educating the attendees about market research and promoting best practices.

Professors of the day are Annie Petit of Conversition Strategies, Joel Rubinson of ARF, Jeffrey Henning of Vovici, Manny Flores of Harris Interactive and Tom De Ruyck, our own Senior R&D Manager.

More information about the the event is available at


ESOMAR Qualitative Conference 2010

At the end of November 2010 ESOMAR organized their Qualitative Conference in Barcelona (ES). Joeri Van den Bergh (Managing Partner) and Tom De Ruyck (Senior ForwaR&D Lab Manager) were both present in Barcelona. Joeri as a member of the Programme Committee and Tom as speaker, he showed the attendees the new frontiers in Insight Communities, with our Ben & Jerry case for Unilever.

Check out the full conference report online or take a look at the movie.

TEDx Brussels 2010

On 6 December, Brussels became a capital of ideas by hosting the largest TEDx event ever. Gathering the world’s leading thinkers and do’ers, TED has become the most anticipated conference of the world. Despite its exclusivity, TED has opened its content (you can watch all talks online) and brand (TEDx stands for independently organized) to the rest of the world. The ultimate TED experience is sharing a “TED moment”, in which ideas have sex and new ones are born. Here’s TEDx Brussels 2010 in 5 TED moments:
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Roberto Verganti

Innovation as seen by an Italian lover

I am happy to say that I saw Roberto Verganti at the Stichting Marketing Congress 2010. Roberto Verganti, the man who (according to tweets during his speech) deserves his own television series.

Roberto Verganti, the man who tells us in the first minutes of his speech that “to an Italian, the most relevant thing is love”, and goes on to say that the ultimate form of creating loyalty to your products, is creating products that people love. If you compete on love, you ask people to stay with you.

It is only after this passionate introduction, that the core subject of Verganti’s speech emerges: How should you innovate, so that you create products that people fall in love with? It’s not creativity (ideas are cheap in today’s internet age), and it’s not user-driven research either. Well, research is definitely important, but mainly for incremental innovation (improving existing products) or testing disruptive products once you designed them. And you need disruptive innovations to make people fall in love. So how do you go on about this? What is a disruptive innovation, and how do we find the inspiration to start them?
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The Joneses @ Stichting Marketing Conference

Today and tomorrow the Joneses are attending the Stichting Marketing Conference in Ghent (BE). They are spreading the word about our Meet the Joneses study. Meetthejoneses is on online tool designed for marketers to come up with eye-opening insights in the every day life of consumers. The results will be online soon!

Interested to receive the results? Sign up here and we’ll send you an e-mail at the end of next week with the full report.

Attending the Conference in ICC Ghent? Pass by our booth and see the Joneses in real-life!