How Reckitt Benckiser reinvented the innovation process

How Reckitt Benckiser reinvented the innovation (research) process

In the age of disruption, we have to act faster or we will lose the game. CMI needs to embrace speed and agility through increased internal and external collaboration, to be seen as partners and not blockers in the innovation process. How do we know? Within Reckitt Benckiser, typical initiative development and qualification is 2-3 years. …

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Four keys to unlock participant engagement: identify, engage, innovate & repeat

Keys to participant engagement

End of 2016, 24 of InSites Consulting’s best and brightest qualitative research consultants from Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom came together in one room to examine the past so as to better prepare for the future in engaging participants in online communities. It’s no secret that keeping participants interested and engaged in any community is …

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InSites Consulting listed as one of the top 3 most innovative research agencies worldwide

3rd most innovative research agency wordwide

The annual Greenbook Research Industry Trends study which is carried out by Greenbook (the leading research blog in the US) analyses evolutions and trends in the research industry and also draws up a yearly ranking of the 50 most innovative market research agencies, based on input from over 3565 marketing and research professionals. Year after …

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Community member disengagement: a fundamental threat for viable research communities

Community member disengagement

Co-written with Steven Debaere, Data Scientist at InSites Consulting and PhD Candidate at IÉSEG School of Management. Recognizing the benefits of online research communities to incorporate external consumer knowledge into innovation processes, firms increasingly ignore temporal limitations and aim for long-term collaborations. However, more than half the online communities fail to generate successful outcomes, usually due …

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The Insight Activation Studio

The Insight Activation Studio: Building a better business together

How to unleash the power of consumer insights and stimulate continuous innovation within your company. Businesses are being confronted with a Transformation Tsunami. They need to be able to adapt constantly in order to survive rapid change. But is it enough to adapt to the next megatrend, to adopt the next-big-technology-thing and to slightly tweak …

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If Mother Nature was your CEO

What if Mother Nature was your CEO

As published on Switch & Shift on March 25, 2015. Nature is the world’s most effective designer, according to Frank Stephenson, Design Director at McLaren Automotive. Looking at what nature has created over millions of years of evolution to get to the perfect shape, the designers at McLaren Automotive get their inspiration from animal anatomy, …

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5 proven ways to lead in the Fast Lane

5 proving ways of leading in the fast lane

As published on Switch & Shift on January 22, 2015. Do you recognize the feeling that time seems to go more rapidly as you grow older? Apart from this psychological effect of time, something is really happening to time as well. According to Moore’s law, technological performance is doubling every 18 months and with it …

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