The state of market research: keep and gain relevance

Keep and gain relevance

As published in Research World – September 2017 issue. One may feel overpowered and dazzled looking at what is going on in the insights and research industry and by extension in the bigger marketing sphere. The technological developments around social media, the IoT, AI, AR or VR, are fast and furious. The offspring of it …

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Innovating Innovation with Van de Velde’s CEO Erwin Van Laethem

What started out as a 5-day inspiration tour in Silicon Valley organized by BNP Paribas Fortis for 10 Belgian entrepreneurs and CEOs in 2015, transformed into a structural peer-to-peer network of 100 like-minded thinkers and innovators. Meet the Change League, a unique community gathering 100 forward-thinking CEOs who want to get to the future first …

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Ready for the digital revolution? 3 tips from the WebTomorrow event

Today, we’re at the beginning of a digital revolution. And just as the industrial revolution did, it will have a huge impact on our society and lives. Is this a bad thing? If we asked our speakers, they would strongly disagree. “It’s a one-time opportunity to create history!” Here are my key learnings from the …

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Strong revenue growth in 2016

Strong revenue growth for 2016

Ealier this week we reported our growth figures for 2016, announcing a revenue growth of 18%. 2016 was also the year we expanded our business to the German market by opening a Düsseldorf office. With now five client-facing offices based in Ghent, Rotterdam, New York, London and Düsseldorf, we’re eager to keep expanding our international footprint: …

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How Reckitt Benckiser reinvented the innovation process

How Reckitt Benckiser reinvented the innovation (research) process

In the age of disruption, we have to act faster or we will lose the game. CMI needs to embrace speed and agility through increased internal and external collaboration, to be seen as partners and not blockers in the innovation process. How do we know? Within Reckitt Benckiser, typical initiative development and qualification is 2-3 years. …

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Four keys to unlock participant engagement: identify, engage, innovate & repeat

Keys to participant engagement

End of 2016, 24 of InSites Consulting’s best and brightest qualitative research consultants from Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom came together in one room to examine the past so as to better prepare for the future in engaging participants in online communities. It’s no secret that keeping participants interested and engaged in any community is …

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Community member disengagement: a fundamental threat for viable research communities

Community member disengagement

Co-written with Steven Debaere, Data Scientist at InSites Consulting and PhD Candidate at IÉSEG School of Management. Recognizing the benefits of online research communities to incorporate external consumer knowledge into innovation processes, firms increasingly ignore temporal limitations and aim for long-term collaborations. However, more than half the online communities fail to generate successful outcomes, usually due …

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The Insight Activation Studio

The Insight Activation Studio: Building a better business together

How to unleash the power of consumer insights and stimulate continuous innovation within your company. Businesses are being confronted with a Transformation Tsunami. They need to be able to adapt constantly in order to survive rapid change. But is it enough to adapt to the next megatrend, to adopt the next-big-technology-thing and to slightly tweak …

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