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Research: Hyves brand understanding

For Hyves, the biggest social network in The Netherlands, InSites Consulting was privileged to do a research on brand understanding and perception. What characterizes Hyves-users the most, how do “Hyvers” use their favorite social network in relation to other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Twitter?  How well is Hyves performing when we analyze the users via the CRUSH-model? The research showed, that Hyves is 2 times more known by the Dutch internet population than LinkedIn and Twitter, the awareness for Facebook is equal. The research also showed that only 2 percent of the Dutch population has an account on all 5 major social networks. Yesterday, Hakim Zemni presented the results at Hyves HQ in Amsterdam. Check out the slides below for more interesting facts and figures and read the quote of Hyves-CEO Marc de Vries.
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The power of Linkedin Meetups

Are you linked with any groups on LinkedIn? Probably yes… But do these groups ever organize a Meetup? And have you ever attended such a Meetup? I’m linked to quite some groups, but not all groups turn out to be as valuable. Only one group stands out from the rest: the Community Managers group (NL). This group, initiated by Kirsten Wagenaar, connects community enthusiasts and organizes Meetups every two months. Here’s why!

Community experts in the field want to connect with each other to share experiences and best practices. Because Community Management is a relatively new field of expertise, peers are looking for tips and tricks and others’ experiences.

Thursday January 6th we’ve had the honor of hosting the 9th CMNL Meetup in our Dutch office in Rotterdam. The theme of the evening was the role of the Community Manager. Presentations of Tom de Ruyck and myself gave us the opportunity to share our philosophy on Research Communities and the role of the Community Manager. Interested to read more about the Meetup? Harold Kip from wrote a full summary of the evening (sorry, it’s in Dutch)!

The Meetup was an inspiring evening and we got the opportunity to talk to a lot of community enthusiasts. So, my Linkedin group has proven to be very useful! What about yours?

940 million social media users in the world

72% of Internet users are part of at least one social network, which translates to 940 million users worldwide. These are the results of a global study among 2,800 Internet users. Eastern Europe and Asia are the regions with the lowest use (4 out of 10), while South America has the highest usage in terms of percentage (95%). Globally, Facebook remains the most popular online platform (51% use Facebook), followed by MySpace (20%) and Twitter (17%). Read more


Make ‘friends’ and find a job

The number of Belgian registrations on professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, has risen sharply these last months compared to 2008.

But why are these professional networking sites so popular?

The increase of Belgian registrations on networking sites has several reasons, according to Tom De Ruyck Senior Consultant ForwaR&D Lab InSites Consulting. “First of all, a lot of people become aware of the business opportunities of professional networking sites. It is the perfect source for headhunters and HR-managers, people that search the entire Belgian network looking for talent.”

Another reason why LinkedIn gains popularity is the possibility to update your curriculum vitae. “Your online reputation becomes more and more important. When you apply for a job, the HR-manager will first Google your name and LinkedIn makes sure your professional details are one of the first search results.”

Furthermore the LinkedIn system helps you collect references. “Personal branding is becoming essential in today’s life. Especially in times of crisis it can make the difference between a job and a rejection.” says Tom De Ruyck.

(Source: De Streekkrant Nationaal, Sebastiaan Bedaux – Roularta)