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Meet the Morgensons: Learnings from a 3 Million dollar social experiment with Martin Lindstrom

My colleague Robert Dossin and I attended the book launch marketing guru Martin Lindstrom’s Brandwashed organized by publishing company Kogan Page in the British Library (Kogan Page is the English publisher of our InSites guru’s Joeri van den Bergh and Steven Van Belleghem’s books). Lindstrom was interviewed by a former BBC journalist and proved to be a very engaging speaker whose passion for marketing is very inspiring. He told us his story of opening an own advertising agency at the age of 12 (!) where he welcomed LEGO as his first customer. This marked the start of his impressive career in marketing. In 2009, he was termed one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time for his pioneering work in the ground of neuroscience & marketing. Among the many stories and examples from his new book Brandwashed, there was one remarkable case Lindstrom told the audience that really stood out for me.
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