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Meet the Morgensons: Learnings from a 3 Million dollar social experiment with Martin Lindstrom

My colleague Robert Dossin and I attended the book launch marketing guru Martin Lindstrom’s Brandwashed organized by publishing company Kogan Page in the British Library (Kogan Page is the English publisher of our InSites guru’s Joeri van den Bergh and Steven Van Belleghem’s books). Lindstrom was interviewed by a former BBC journalist and proved to be a very engaging speaker whose passion for marketing is very inspiring. He told us his story of opening an own advertising agency at the age of 12 (!) where he welcomed LEGO as his first customer. This marked the start of his impressive career in marketing. In 2009, he was termed one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time for his pioneering work in the ground of neuroscience & marketing. Among the many stories and examples from his new book Brandwashed, there was one remarkable case Lindstrom told the audience that really stood out for me.
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Meet the Joneses – Download the results

Meet the family

Meet the Joneses! No, not the seemingly perfect family that works for a stealth marketing organization. Meet Jack, Mary and their kids Ricky and Tracy, who represent the family of consumers. Every year, InSites Consulting organizes the “Meet the Joneses” test to see whether marketers know what the family is up to.

How does it work? 300 consumers from Belgium and the Netherlands were asked questions about their daily life. Next, marketers were invited to answer the same set of questions and imagine how their target consumers would have responded.

This year 694 Belgian and 375 Dutch marketers took the test and were soon to be disappointed. No one passed!
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The Joneses @ Stichting Marketing Conference

Today and tomorrow the Joneses are attending the Stichting Marketing Conference in Ghent (BE). They are spreading the word about our Meet the Joneses study. Meetthejoneses is on online tool designed for marketers to come up with eye-opening insights in the every day life of consumers. The results will be online soon!

Interested to receive the results? Sign up here and we’ll send you an e-mail at the end of next week with the full report.

Attending the Conference in ICC Ghent? Pass by our booth and see the Joneses in real-life!

Why listening & having real conversations is the new asking

“Who am I to decide what direction my brand should go”, should be the philosophy of every Brand Manager. Maybe we put it to the extreme, but in a way there’s a truth in it. The power of the customer is undeniable! The ‘doom’ of your brand is only one mouse-click away. If a customer has a bad experience and he decides to share this on the net, it’s no longer a one-to-one conversation, it’s a one-to-the world conversation. So we better listen to our customers when taking decisions as a Brand Manager or Product Manager. As Steven Van Belleghem mentions during his Conversation Workshops: “In every boardroom there should be a consumer”.
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Meet The Joneses – How connected are you to your consumer?

Just as last year InSites Consulting gives all marketers the chance to test how connected they are to their consumer.
Via the website, you can take the test yourself. It will only take 10 minutes of your time and is available until the 31th of October.

What’s in it for you?
• New consumer insights and your personal ‘connection’ score to this new consumer
• A full report covering all key findings of this survey send by e-mail at the end of November
• A chance to win one of our Polaroid Instant Camera’s

Some key results of the 2009 edition:
• 59% of consumers said brand is the most important criterion for purchase decisions. Only 26% choose based on price.
• More than 90% of consumers make an effort to maintain their health. Less than 10% of marketers knew this
• Daily food, children’s education and personal care products are indispensable to consumers

Already more than 400 marketers have done the test. So, what are you waiting for :


Do the ‘Meet the Joneses’ Test

Are you really connected to your consumer?
To come up with eye-opening insights on the daily life of today’s consumers and to understand how you can keep up with “the Joneses”, InSites Consulting (together with Stichting Marketing and NIMA) invites marketers to complete the “Meet the Joneses” Test.

– New consumer insights and finding out how connected you really are.
– Your personal ‘connection’ score and a benchmark with other marketers.
– A full report showing all the conclusions when the test is finished (October), personally sent by e-mail.
– A chance to win a prize and step out of your own daily life for a while.

Entering the ‘Meet the Joneses-Test’ is easy. Just click here. The test will take about 10 minutes of your time. Have fun!