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The value of big data

How to assess the value of big data

One room, four speakers and a lot to digest. Content, that is. But MOA knows how to put their customers first. At times, the MOA Summit might as well be a food summit. Casa 400 hosted a fruitful afternoon and, after an inspiring network lunch, Rene van der Laan (SAS), Olav Lijnbach (GfK), Vincent Pijpers (Tweakers) and Martin Strub Hidalgo (Google) took the floor in their quest to tell us about where we stand with big data, why we should tame it and… how we should handle it.Read more

Stop the buzz

Stop the buzz

In the afternoon of September 12, the MOA Digital Analytics session was set to answer the urge to transform a fuzzy phenomenon into real-life cases. It’s an honor to be guided on this journey by authorities Mark Raben, Director Innovation & Product Strategy at SAP and J. Graeme Noseworthy, Strategic Messaging Director Big Data at IBM.Read more


Getting ready for the Marketing Insights & Big Data event

Just like every other year the InSites Consulting team will be well-presented at the heydays of the Dutch marketing research scape this February. We will showcase three client cases at the MIE (Marketing Insights & Big Data Event), proving how we bring the Generation Y consumer in the heart of companies (and in this case VIACOM, Dorel and DIESEL). Curious to know how we do that? Join us on February 5 and 6 in Utrecht (the Netherlands).Read more


Gamification in MROCs

Last week MOA (Dutch Market Research Association) awarded InSites Consulting with the MOA Innovation Award for our research on ‘Gamification in Online Research Communities’. The prize is awarded to the company which created added value in the past year by learning from consumers in an innovating, positive and striking way. As the judges of the MOAwards believed our winning case “brings fundamental changes in the way the industry sees research”, we feel obliged to share the full story with you 😉 Enjoy!Read more


InSites Consulting nominated with 2 MOA Innovation Awards

Last year, at the sunny, sunny beach of Zandvoort in The Netherlands, we’ve pulled off “The Double” at the MOAwards, the annual prizes for Market Research firms in the Netherlands. Kristof De Wulf won the Agency Researcher of the Year Award and our Dutch office the Research Agency of the Year Award.  And today, we’re happy to announce that we are nominated twice in the category Innovation Awards 2012! Together with RTL Netherlands InSites is nominated for a Facebook research community app, that was executed on the Facebook fanpage of The voice of Holland. The other Innovation Award is for InSites Consulting’s efforts for bringing gamification into market research online communities (MROCs).

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My #moabouts experience: Putting gamification & infotainment into practice

At the 24th of January,  I visited the last MOAbouts session which was centered around ‘Gamification & Infotainment in the research industry’. The most important word for me of this afternoon is ‘ENGAGEMENT’. Research is about connecting the company with the consumer and vice versa. To successfully do this, you need engagement, from both parties.  And gamification & infotainment are great tools that can increase engagement. 3 experts shared their vision during the session: Jon Puleston (GMI), Peter Harrison (Brainjuicer) and Joëlla Marsman (HJ Heinz BV Netherlands). I’ve selected my three most important takeaways of the day.
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MOA thumb nextgen market research

Next generation research: Which researchers will survive?

On November 3rd, the Dutch market research association MOA organized a debate on the future of research and its implications for the industry and the people working in it. The session was chaired by Lex Olivier, former CEO of Research International in the Netherlands and Director General at Efamro and now MOA ombudsman. Panel members to the debate were Carola Verschoor (managing director Netherlands at BrainJuicer), Govert van den Bos (Owner-director at MWM2 &, Mieke van Os (Manager Business Intelligence at, Marco Drenth (Manager Client Care at KPMG), and myself. The debate was structured around 3 statements intended to drive discussions between the panel members and the audience.
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