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10 tips to move from Customer Service to Customer Activation

10 tips to move from Customer Service to Customer Activation

In plenty a company, customer service is the only tangible contact (or touchpoint) a customer has with a company. A lot of customers spend an awful lot of money (hundreds or even thousands of euros a year) with a company. On top of that, for a lot of companies, customer service is their (only) differentiator from competitors. That’s why customer service is so important; companies that listen to their customers, carefully study market trends and take customer service at heart, get out of their way to exceed customer expectations, drive repeat business and boost brand recommendations. These types of companies evolve from customer service to customer activation.Read more

Mobile revolution

Location + time= purpose

We’re in a constant stream of change. Being ahead of the digital game, Google is one of the first companies to acknowledge this. At the Marketing Insights Event (MIE) 2013, Joris Merks (Research Manager Google) took us on a journey of the mobile revolution – from the early days of the Internet with rattling routers to the current era of data here, there and everywhere.Read more

mobile 15 3 inch

InSites Consulting launching Mobile and Social Media extensions to MROCs at #mrmw

InSites Consulting today officially released a set of Mobile and Social Media extensions to its Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) at the Market Research in the Mobile World Congress (use #MRMW on Twitter for a search) which was due today and yesterday in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Find below some quotes by our research & ForwaR&D Lab people about these new addons and the presentation our Elias Veris just gave at the congress!
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Gamification badges

Featured in VUE: Esomar’s best of Canada 2011 wrap-up

Elias Veris (our Research Innovater at InSites Consulting) travelled to Canada last november to spread the word about mobile research, wherein concepts as “gamification”, “crowd interpretation” and “infotainment” are potential gamechangers in the world of market research today. Below, find a copy of an article about the Esomar’s Best Of Canada 2011 session that was featured in VUE, written by Christian Mueller (thank you Christian for writing this).

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Nanno goes Mobile Web

Nanno Palte, Director Market Insights Research, was one of the speakers on the recent Mobile Web conference (4/12). Het talked about mobile adoption, operators and handsets, the awareness and use of mobile functions, the information we receive on our mobile devices and how mobile marketing can work.
Download his presentation or see his video interview at the conference. For more information on the topic, contact Nanno Palte on or +32(0)9 269 15 17.

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