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Golden egg

Some good reasons to get involved in social media data

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Social Media Analytics Seminar of IBM/SPSS in Utrecht. I had the privilege to speak after Damiaan Zwietering, Sales Engineer Predictive Analytics at IBM. The goal of both out stories was to give a realistic view on the possibilities on the use of textual data from social media.  Damiaan focused on the fact that it is truly doing research without asking questions, and went into depth on different tools and techniques that can be used. The aim of my story was really to put theory to practice and explain how we use social media analytics at InSites Consulting, to give an overview of the do’s and don’ts and more importantly to give insights in what is possible and what is not possible. Social media are there to stay when it comes to marketing and there are some good reasons to get involved in social media data.
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