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The 4Cs of The Conversation Company

Six out of ten companies are present on Facebook

Not only consumers find their way onto the popular social network sites, an increasing number of companies also use it. 61% of companies use Facebook, 39% have a Twitter account, 29% are present on LinkedIn and 24% use YouTube. In the US about 80% of companies is present onf Facebook, 45% have a Twitter account and 48% are present on LinkedIn. This proves that American companies have evolved further in their social media usage in comparison to companies in Europe.Read more

Social Media Integration visual

38% of British and American marketers are still in their infancy when integrating social media

High social network adoption, low social media integration
More than 1 senior marketer in 3 indicates that their company has either not engaged in or has only just started the integration of social media in their company. 47% are in an experiment stage and 14% indicate that social media is fully integrated in the company. In spite of the low social media integration there is a high social network sites adoption. 68% of the companies have a Facebook page, 56% a Twitter account and 47% a LinkedIn page. Read more