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TalkToChange has reached 4000 fans on Facebook!

TalkToChange is InSites Consulting’s proprietary research panel. A group of enthusiastic people, who use their power as a consumer to the full by voicing their opinion through market research projects.  In order to maximize the engagement of our panel members, we try to practice what we preach and are working hard on becoming a real conversation company. This means, amongst other things, keeping an open line of communication on social media platforms like Facebook.Read more

Christmas tree

One third of shoppers spent less on shopping this holiday season

Between mid-December and mid-January InSites Consulting conducted a pan-European research project on consumers’ shopping behavior during the holiday season in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and UK. The study was held amongst members of the InSites’ TalkToChange Community. The project consisted out of a survey part and discussions on the forum of the community.
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Who are the Watsons?

In a continuous process of striving for quality, InSites Consulting set up a program to create better surveys called the Watsons. Who are the Watsons? They are members of the TalkToChange Community ( who are involved in the process of quality control of surveys. This group of members screens surveys before they are released for fieldwork.
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Our online research community is growing

The possibility to conduct studies amongst our own research community, is one way in which InSites Consulting can differentiate. Therefore, we have steadily been building an online research community, not only in key countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, etc., but also in important emerging markets as Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, etc. There are currently well over 2 million participants in our community from literally all over Europe, and beyond.

With around 700.000 participants in Western European countries, constituting 34% of our panel, we are quite strong in most key markets. Just under 30% of our research community is from Eastern Europe, where our top countries are Russia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania. Besides Spain, Italy and Portugal, the 17% from Southern Europe also feature Greece and Serbia.”


Want to find out more about our research panel? Contact Sam Berteloot (

New results from the Ultimate Twitter Study

TalkToChange and InSites Consulting are currently conducting the Ultimate Twitter Study. We want to find out what people think of, do on and like about Twitter. On you can find the live results on the researchquestions we ask daily on Twitter. And you can participate as well!

Why start twittering?The main reasons to start twittering are (#TwitterStudy3):
– Out of curiosity: to understand what the buzz is about, to get the concept of the medium, to experience how it could be useful to enrich your personal and professional life.
– Being on top of the news in general and for specific topics or interests.
– Peer pressure/recommendation, not being the one who is not into the hype.
Networking with friends and professional contacts, staying connected all the time.
Differentiate yourself from colleagues and friends: ‘I am on it, they aren’t yet!‘.

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TalkToChange and InSites Consulting launch the UltimateTwitterStudy

TalkToChange and InSites Consulting are conducting the largest study ever on why and how people are using Twitter. Little is known about what people do on twitter, how they act, why they use Twitter, what they think of the medium, the profile of who they are following and whom is following them… So time for the Ultimate Twitter Study. On you can take part yourself and  find live results on the daily research questions that are posted on Twitter. Click and join!

State of the art Panel Management

This week I joined Sam, Director TalkToChange and Managing partner at InSites Consulting,  to the MOA Panel Institute conference in Amsterdam. The topic was on state-of-the-art-panel management. Speakers from different companies (including SSI, GFK, Metrixlab, …) presented their vision on panel management. It was a pretty busy afternoon with interesting presentations and also the official start of the MOA Panel Institute.

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eScape, the online research solution that goes beyond profiling

InSites Consulting launches “eScape”. eScape is a free research service offered in more than 30 countries to online publishers and advertising networks. By use of on-site questionnaires, profiles of websites are created. The assembled data can be used for real-time analysis through use of a user friendly and intuitive online reporting tool. eScape is a free business model and is unique because of the fast installment and the depth of the reported data. These data deliver relevant insights to different target audiences: online publishers, advertising networks and media agencies.
“By using eScape, our partners can innovate on domains like sales, marketing  and media planning. Up till now, the online advertising market uses targeting solely based on socio-demographic variables on site-centric level. eScape allows partners to innovate by broadening these site-centric targeting possibities, and adding brand- and industry related variables. This opens doors to more targeted advertising and can help convince advertisers to use online advertising,” says Shahways Romani, responsible for the eScape service at InSites Consulting. For a full overview of all the targeting themes, visit

For more information, contact Shahways on or +32(0)9 269 14 05.