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Follow the leaders by Research Live

Research Live published a list of the 20 most influential market researchers and insight professionals on Twitter. We’re proud to say the list features 3 InSites Consulting colleagues: @TomDeRuyck – Head of Research Communities (n°4), @KristofDeWulf – CEO (n°15) and @EliasVeris – Senior Research Innovator(n°20). The full list is available at the Research Live website.

The Twitter list was produced using the same approach as their mapping of the MR network on Twitter a couple of months ago. The mapping offered insights into who are the content creators, the sharers, the people driving the debate and connecting people and ideas.Read more

The Beans Group

10 youth marketing voices to follow on Twitter

Last week The Beans Group (a UK-based youth marketing agency) launched their top 10 youth marketing voices to follow on Twitter, a diverse selection of Twitterers who offer interesting tweets and updates on youth marketing. Great to see that our very own Gen Y expert Joeri Van den Bergh is also featured on the list. Check out the full list online and follow @Joeri_InSites for the latest updates in youth marketing and research.


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“Research is not about where you get things from, but where you bring them”

This week, the MRS organized their festivals of ideas, the annual congress 2012. Together with Simon McDonald, I was invited to present our paper on the ‘rules of engagement’ so I headed off to London. Our piece existed out of a large netnography study on Youtube, Facebook & Twitter where we investigated across brands and sector if we could detect any rules or laws on what is activating consumers to talk on social media about brands. In total we detected 17 rules that can help you to set up a conversation management strategy. Check out the slidedeck below:
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Interviews: The impact of Twitter and cool research

Sometimes, people taking research forward at InSites are being interviewed by media, peers or influential people in the marketing research business (see this Dutch interview with Joeri and MTV’s Mattias Behrer at Marketingfacts). We don’t always publish or link to these interviews because we dont’t want to be overpromoting ourselves too much. Maybe sometimes we are too modest, so we’ve decided to make an exception at the start of 2012 for 2 interviews Tom De Ruyck was lucky to have. One with his friend Tom Anderson at NextGen Market Research (“Making Market Research COOL (again)?” and one with Brian Tarran at ResearchLive (‘I didn’t expect Twitter to have such a great influence on our profession‘).
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The #mrx Tweeter of the Year 2011 is with us!

There are a lot of awards out there in the researchworld. At pretty much every event or congress, there’s prizes to be won and awards to take home. At InSites, we’ve won a couple of them, with the MOAawards and nominations for Esomar Congres and the MRS-awards fresh in our memory. So today, we have some Twitter-award news. As some of you know, there’s a lot of our bright minds at InSites spreading their thoughts and content on Twitter.
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Research: Hyves brand understanding

For Hyves, the biggest social network in The Netherlands, InSites Consulting was privileged to do a research on brand understanding and perception. What characterizes Hyves-users the most, how do “Hyvers” use their favorite social network in relation to other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Twitter?  How well is Hyves performing when we analyze the users via the CRUSH-model? The research showed, that Hyves is 2 times more known by the Dutch internet population than LinkedIn and Twitter, the awareness for Facebook is equal. The research also showed that only 2 percent of the Dutch population has an account on all 5 major social networks. Yesterday, Hakim Zemni presented the results at Hyves HQ in Amsterdam. Check out the slides below for more interesting facts and figures and read the quote of Hyves-CEO Marc de Vries.
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On January 11, Research Rockstar will be hosting a Market Research Twitterversity, 117 market research lessons will be released over 17 hours (#MRXU).

While market research has many advanced topics that require specialized training, this event focuses on the market research basics. So anyone new to conducting, using, purchasing, receiving market research can join this free Twitterversity.

Five market research experts have been asked to join as professors. They will be educating the attendees about market research and promoting best practices.

Professors of the day are Annie Petit of Conversition Strategies, Joel Rubinson of ARF, Jeffrey Henning of Vovici, Manny Flores of Harris Interactive and Tom De Ruyck, our own Senior R&D Manager.

More information about the the event is available at

940 million social media users in the world

72% of Internet users are part of at least one social network, which translates to 940 million users worldwide. These are the results of a global study among 2,800 Internet users. Eastern Europe and Asia are the regions with the lowest use (4 out of 10), while South America has the highest usage in terms of percentage (95%). Globally, Facebook remains the most popular online platform (51% use Facebook), followed by MySpace (20%) and Twitter (17%). Read more

Tom De Ruyck

Podcast @ Mobile Research Conference

Tom De Ruyck (Senior R&D Manager) was one of the speakers at the Mobile Research Conference in London at the beginning of this week.  Tom presented the results of the InSites Ultimate Twitter Study, To tweet or not to tweet, that’s the question!

As a wrap-up of the conference Manfred Mareck of ESOMAR interviewed Tom, discussing the currents trends in mobile research. Check out the podcast online.

Want to find out more about the Mobile Research Conference, check Twitter #mrc2010 or contact Tom De Ruyck.


Digital Marketing First announces first speakers

Digital Marketing First (DMF), formerly known as Customer First, is an initiative of InSide Digital Media. It’s the biggest interactive marketing event in Belgium, with over 50 workshops and international speakers. One of the hot topics of this year’s edition is Social Media.

Tom De Ruyck (Senior Consultant ForwaR&D Lab InSites Consulting) will share the key findings of the InSites Ultimate Twitter Study, ‘To tweet or not to tweet‘. This study helps you understand the medium, Twitter: Is it a nice research ‘tool’ or a gimmick? What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Other social media experts presenting their expertise are AdNerds with their keynote session on ‘Future on the web’, Jo Caudron (Dear Media) and Clo Willaerts (Sanoma Magazines Belgium).

The event takes place on Thursday 22 October 2009 in Tour & Taxis (Brussels).

Find out more about the program and register for free at