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Design for experience awards

International Design for Experience Award for our Consumer Consulting Boards

Design for Experience (DfE) is a community organization of passionate experience design professionals and academics. Every year they partner with UX Magazine to recognize people, teams and companies that have achieved success in the design of user- and consumer-centered products or services. We are proud to share that the organization awarded our Consumer Consulting Boards (broadly known as online research communities) with an International Design for Experience Award.Read more


Gamification to increase participant AND client engagement

As elaborated in our gamification paper, the market research world needs to adopt its offering to both participants and clients. In our previous article on gamification, we focused on applying gamification during data collection to increase participant engagement to collect better and more data. However, we believe gamification can also be applied beyond data collection, further increasing participant engagement and also client engagement. Gamification can be applied during the analysis phase and the reporting phase as well.Read more

Gamifiy research communities

How to gamify your research communities?

There is already so much research available with respect to using gamification in quantitative research, however a clear approach for online qualitative research is still lacking so far. Considering the high fit between research communities and gamification, we decided to focus on using gamification in our InSites Consulting communities. We identified 4 levels in an online community at which gamification can be applied to increase the data quality, participant engagement and impact on the client side. From a question level to a community level, gamification helps!Read more


Return on research

Now that organisations continue tightening their belts, the question on the ROI of marketing becomes more and more important. Market research feels the same pressure: more, quicker and more effective. Measuring the research’s ROI is far from easy. And it’s far from realistic to have your market agency’s revenues or your market research department’s budget depend directly on the achieved results. What is possible, however, is expanding the application field of market research and therefore increasing its strategic importance. In this article I describe three ways to increase your market research’s return.Read more


Join our Consumer Understanding Smartees Webinar

On Tuesday 23 October, Tom De Ruyck (Head of Research Communities) and Anouk Willems (Senior Research Innovator) will host a Smartees Webinar on how to connect companies with their consumers and inspire them by confronting them with their consumer’s daily lives. Do you want to know how you can create a mind shift towards an optimal connection with your customers and confront a whole organization with the consumer world? Then you should definitely join this Smartees Webinar! We kick off at 17:00 CET with a 45min presentation including the success factors of running an immersion communityand the practical challenges you’re confronted with when bringing the consumer to life within your organization. The presentation will be ended by some practical cases of Unilever and Heineken.Read more

Paul Polman

The consumer as researcher

You have undoubtedly already figured it out by now: consumers have become very powerful, a fact which marketers had better take into account. Unilever CEO Paul Polman already said: “If they can bring the Egypt government down in six weeks, they can bring us down in nanoseconds”. It is not only a matter of ‘being able to’, but also of ‘wanting to’. No less than 44% of consumers want to be actively involved in the development of new products or advertising campaigns for ‘their’ brands (InSites Consulting, Social Media around the world 2011). Therefore this entire evolution is not a threat but rather an opportunity. But what does it imply for market research? Should the research world also adapt? Which opportunities will emerge?Read more


Let’s measure what we do on social media

Last week I had the pleasure to speak at the Stima #tweepshow on the KPI’s to measure the ROI of social media. Every CEO wants it, every marketeer is looking for it, there have been endless blogposts and discussion about the theme, but there is no general agreement on what the right KPI’s are and what exactly the ROI of social media is. I was invited to speak at the event and represent the researcher’s view on the matter. Read more

Unilever logo

Finalists for the ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards

At InSites Consulting, we are proud to announce that we are among the 3 finalists of the Research Effectiveness Awards! ESOMAR launched the awards for the first time this year and it will become an annual award open for all clients of research who can demonstrate the ROI of their research. We feature in the shortlist with one of our Community Research projects, Bringing consumers alive within Unilever R&D – A staged approach for maximal impact. The full case will be presented at the ESOMAR General Conference (September 2011) by Stan Knoops of Unilever and Tom De Ruyck of InSites Consulting.

Would you like to find out more about our Community Research? Sign up for our Communities Smartees on September 29 in Rotterdam (NL). It’s free!

Engage, Inspire, Act

Engage, Inspire, Act

Three stepstones towards developing more impactful products. Great companies understand the importance of consumer insights when it comes to outperforming the competition. Engagement in learning and keeping knowledge up-to-date through a constant search for new insights, engagement in getting close to consumers and in getting immersed in their daily lives to inspire and understand their reality and the drivers of consumer value, these have proven to be some of the most critical corporate competencies.Read more