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What we do

What we do

Get close to customers

We get under customers’ skins and bring their world to life on our clients’ desktops and mobiles. We develop a deep, longitudinal and contextual understanding of their behavior and motivations and facilitate direct connections between customers and people inside our clients’ organizations. By doing so, we change the hearts, minds and actions of your people, all the way up to the boardroom. Through uniting your people around consumers, we drive ultimate and structural customer centricity, offering daily sparks of customer inspiration and facilitating internal collaboration.

Grow relevance

In today’s marketing environment, driving relevance is the single and ultimate key to growth. Being relevant means being able to uncover unique consumer insights, providing a stepping stone to long-term sustainable growth. We have developed a unique and powerful path to uncover deep and potent insights that can act as springboards for hundreds of marketing ideas. During each of the stages of insight development, we closely connect with and empower customers in different and creative ways. As the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we validate and benchmark the strength of your insights in a final stage.

Co-create solutions

Customers increasingly expect brands to involve them in defining their future. Starting from specific insight platforms, we tap into the co-creative power of customers to craft relevant marketing solutions. From individual ideation to crowd involvement, we generate new ideas, develop concepts, and optimize go-to-market strategies for products and services. We assist our clients in taking the right decision every step of the way, separating the wheat from the chaff by screening and testing the power of alternative ideas, concepts, product executions or brand activations.

Drive customer experience and action

A great or even ‘wowing’ customer experience is the best guarantee for future success. Building strong brands today is about accomplishing great acts rather than about developing great ads. We help our clients understand the experience journey consumers go through, offering specific insights in where and how to make a meaningful difference for the customer. As customer reactions and actions are directly flowing from great customer experiences, we assist our clients in measuring and establishing key performance indicators: talking about a brand, recommending products or services, and ultimate buying them.