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[Post] Joeri Van den Bergh awarded Master Marketer 2012

Last Tuesday, STIMA (the Belgian Marketing association) awarded 3 topmarketers with the prestigious title of Master Marketer 2012. This year’s…

[Post] Mattias Behrer & Joeri Van den Bergh on writing the best marketing book of 2011

 How Cool Brands Stay Hot, the bestselling book about branding to Generation Y by Mattias Behrer and Joeri Van den…

[Post] 8 out of 10 South African consumers want brands to drive change for sustainability

Today, 92% of the citizens in South Africa say that the topic of sustainability is important to them, yet only 58% claim to be living sustainably. These figures come from proprietary research by InSites Consulting in March 2022, aimed at assessing the consumer sentiment and behaviour towards sustainability in South Africa.

[Post] Contributing to a sustainable planet with healthy people, an interview with Philips

Philips is one of the first health technology companies in the world that has become fully carbon-neutral in its operations. Time to connect with the brand to hear their take on doing business responsibly and sustainably.

[Post] Technology that makes business and society thrive – an interview with HP

By creating technology in the service of humanity, HP believes they can create the conditions for business and society to thrive hand in hand. But how does HP creates true environmental and social impact? An interview with Ellen Jackowski, Chief Impact Officer and Head of Sustainable Impact, and Matt Cowling, Head of Global Marketing Consumer PCs at HP.

[Post] Sustainability in consumer health – an interview with Perrigo

The COVID-19 pandemic increased our collective focus on mental health and well-being. Yet, the topic is not new for consumer healthcare company Perrigo and is an integral part of its focus to do good for people, planet, and society. An interview with Fleur D’Haenens, Global Category Lead Skincare, and Tom van Avondt, Director Consumer and Market Intelligence at Perrigo.

[Post] Defining the 2022 consumer – a trend report

Through the foresight of our leading-edge consumer network, we’ve identified the trends in consumer behavior that are manifesting as we speak, and we quantified them with 15,000+ everyday consumers around the world to understand their relevance. Read on and discover how to activate these trends for your brand.

[Post] Installing sustainable change by tapping into consumer habits, an interview with LIVEKINDLY

Consumers increasingly acknowledge that their eating habits have an influence on the environment. In this interview Kees Kruythoff, chairman & CEO at LIVEKINDLY, talks about how the brand supports consumers in cutting down on meat.

[Post] Battling food waste, an interview with Danone

Find out how Danone is acting upon its mission ‘One Planet. One Health’. An interview with Tine Ryssaert, then Sustainability for Growth Director EDP Belgium at Danone.

[Post] Overcoming the sustainability paradox: US consumers want brands to drive change

From more frequent and extreme storms and unprecedented heatwaves to global protests for equal rights and personal freedom, we are feeling the impact of human-caused pressure on planet and people. Sustainability is a key concern amongst consumers, yet many aren’t acting upon it. So where does the problem lie? What’s creating this sustainability paradox?

[Post] How the entertainment industry steps up to protect the planet, an interview with Live Nation

There is no doubt that sustainability is high on Live Nation’s agenda. In 2021, for instance, the world’s leading live entertainment company, announced its Green Nation Touring Program. An interview with Patricia Yagüe, Head of Sustainability EMEA at Live Nation Entertainment.

[Post] Creating a sustainable world for pets, people and the planet, an interview with Royal Canin

Royal Canin strives to create a sustainable world for pets, people, and planet. But what does this mean? An interview with Fabrice Mathieu, Global sustainability director and administrator of The Royal Canin Foundation at Royal Canin.

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