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[Post] Living our values: Daring [7/7]

Final episode of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. You might have noticed that we’re fans of the word ‘forward’. After covering six of our seven company values in the previous blogposts, it’s time to deal with our final value, ‘daring’, nicely forming the acronym FORWARD!

[Post] Living our values: Respectful [6/7]

Part six of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. Back in 1963, Martin Luther King gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. While the battle for equal rights is far from won, we have witnessed a new battle for equality, this one running between brands and consumers. Let’s talk about respect.

[Post] Living our values: Adaptive [5/7]

Part five of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. As highlighted earlier when discussing our ‘Forward thinking’ value, there is only one constant in life: change. What is specific about change today is the speed with which we see it around us. Let’s talk about being ‘adaptive’.

[Post] Living our values: We-oriented [4/7]

Part four of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. Great organizations are more than just the sum of great individuals. It’s about being ‘we-oriented’.

[Post] Living our values: Result-driven [3/7]

Part three of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. In times of economic recession and its subsequent downward pressure on marketing budgets, marketing increasingly needs to prove its value, demonstrating its ‘ROMI’ or ‘Return on Marketing Investment’. Let’s talk about being ‘result-oriented’.

[Post] Living our values: Openness [2/7]

Part two of a blogpost series on the InSites Consulting company values. The economy is flooded with promises and virtues of openness: open collaboration, open sourcing, open innovation, open universities, open government… Let’s talk about openness.

[Post] Living our values: Forward thinking [1/7]

In this short blogpost series, I would like to share the InSites Consulting company values, the values our team members live by every day to make a difference for our clients. Let’s kick it off with ‘Forward thinking’.

[Post] Crossing the borders on our Community Innovation Day

At InSites Consulting we have a vision of innovation and of never standing still. It’s in our DNA to always…

[Post] Installing sustainable change by tapping into consumer habits [an interview with LIVEKINDLY]

Consumers increasingly acknowledge that their eating habits have an influence on the environment. In this interview Kees Kruythoff, chairman & CEO at LIVEKINDLY, talks about how the brand supports consumers in cutting down on meat.

[Post] Gen Z Unmasked

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on teens worldwide. Together with Coca-Cola, we ran a project examining how young people across the world reacted to the past year and the subsequent changes in their outlook.

[Post] Keeping up with consumers through online communities

COVID-19 has now been around for much longer than any of us would have hoped or expected. Whilst in China…

[Case] Re-engaging Gen Z consumers in Hong Kong for Nike

Nike sparked a fresh conversation about sneakers with Gen Z in Hong Kong, reigniting the local sneaker culture.