Marketing research is only useful in the way that it triggers marketing actions and drives marketing impact in an ever more complex, dynamic and global context. Our latest book The Consumer Consulting Board highlights how marketing research can connect more effectively and efficiently with contemporary business needs. In addition, our best-selling and globally awarded books How Cool Brands Stay Hot, The Conversation Company and The Conversation Manager evangelize our vision of the future of marketing and what it means to brands.

The Consumer Consulting Board

The Consumer Consulting BoardConsumers shaping your business

The Consumer Consulting Board explains how companies can turn a community of consumers into a strategic board of advisors they can rely on every single day, for both strategic and tactical business challenges. The book was rewarded with the NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award in 2013 and the International Design for Experience Award in 2014.
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How Cool Brands Stay Hot

How Cool Brands Stay HotBranding to Generation Y

Based on five years of intensive youth research by InSites Consulting, How Cool Brands Stay Hot provides insights into the consumer psychology and behavior of Millennials. It helps you connect with this new generation of consumers by understanding their likes & dislikes and how you can make your advertising, marketing and branding relevant to them. The book was rewarded with the 2012 Berry-AMA Book Prize for the Best Book in Marketing and with the Expert Marketer Award for Best Marketing Book of 2012.
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The Conversation Company

The Conversation CompanyBoost your business through culture, people & social media

Building further on the principles embedded in The Conversation Manager, The Conversation Company takes a company-wide perspective and shares insights as to how you can unlock the underused conversation potential in your company. The book lets you explore and understand how culture, people and social media can help build a future-proof company in an ever more transparent and changing world.
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The Conversation Manager

The Conversation ManagerThe power of the modern consumer

The Conversation Manager has a fresh vision on how to tap into the power of consumer conversations for your brand. Based on years of InSites Consulting research, this book outlines a 3-step conversation management strategy. The book was rewarded with the PIM Literature Award in 2010.
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