London office
27/31 Clerkenwell Close, unit 5.14
EC1R 0AT London
United Kingdom
Daniel Teixeira
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Daniel Teixeira
Managing Director UK
+44 20 7870 2578

Come and visit us in our offices in Clerkenwell, one time home of the Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, Oliver Cromwell, Grayson Perry and now InSites Consulting.

Down the years Clerkenwell has been the scene of religion, riots, gentrification (the 17th century type), revolution, industry, slums and, in recent years, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of creativity.

When the factories, printers and industry moved out, creatives, young professionals and start-ups moved in, discovering large warehouse-style properties in need of refurbishment and on the doorstep of the City and the West end. This second wave of gentrification leads us to the Clerkenwell of today, where the late Alexander McQueen’s head office is close to big social housing projects, million pound plus penthouses and Amnesty International. It’s not all beautiful, but it makes for an eclectic and exciting mix.

The area claims the highest density of architects, designers and showrooms in the world, but why don’t you drop by, say hello, and visit some of our favourite spots such as:

  1. Smiths of Smithfield’s: [1] Opposite the original meat market – best steak in London?
  2. Jerusalem Tavern: Many people’s favourite London pub. I’ve just discovered, after assuming it was also one the oldest, that it only got a licence in 1996! Cool or disappointing? They’ve done such a great job, I’m going for cool.
  3. St John Restaurant: Chef’s weave magic with rabbits offal and others bits of animal you didn’t realise were edible).
  4. Vitra furniture lab: [2] You would like to spend £3,000 on a chair, sir? No problem, follow me!, they also do a one-day sales spectacular every year, where people arrive with sleeping bags, days in advance, to snag a bargain. Go check it out, there is some beautiful stuff, even if you haven’t got tuppence to rub together, it’s worth a look.
  5. The Slaughtered Lamb: [3] Best named pub in London.
  6. Moro Restaurant on Exmouth Market: [4] Anywhere on Exmouth market is good, to be honest.

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