We believe that collaboration is the ultimate road to human progress. We have a good reason to believe in the power of collaboration: over the last 10 years, companies applying a collaborative mindset have grown no less than 3 times faster compared to Good to Great companies.

Collaborating with consumers

We bring consumers into the heart of your business. We empower them to have a real and direct impact on the future of global brands all around the world. We engage them as the ultimate consultants for your organization, all the way into the boardroom.

Collaborating with employees

We train your employees’ consumer brains, closing the gap between the often too distant consumer and employee worlds. Taking an outside-in perspective, we enable companies to speed up their inside clock, bringing it in sync with the hyper speed of the external world.

Collaboration is moving into mainstream; even if you do not take advantage of it, your competitors surely will. Thriving on the power of consumer and employee collaboration, we allow you to better keep up with the dynamics of your market and fuel faster cycles of discovery and development.