5 reasons why a job in market research can jump-start your career

Don’t just call us market researchers, we are a unique blend of academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators. We are a next-generation insight agency pushing the boundaries of marketing research since 1997.

At InSites Consulting we bring together mainstream, leading edge and creative consumers voices through our state-of-the-art insight community technology, to deliver richer insights for brands.

By closing the gap between brands and consumers, we make consumer centricity an everyday reality for more than one third of the world’s most valuable brands. We foster consumer collaboration and empathy so that people and brands can shape the future better, together!

Research is better when we do-it-together!

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We drive consumer centricity by closing gaps

Empathy gap

The empathy gap

You are not your consumer

Executives and their perceptions are not representative for their consumers. There is a space between the daily reality and context of consumers’ lives, and that of business stakeholders working for brands.

Relevance gap

The relevance gap

Mattering to people

Brands need to move from ‘marketing to consumers’ to ‘mattering to people’, being useful and valuable in people’s lives. There is often a gap between the needs and frictions consumers have, and the solutions the brand offers to the market.

The experience gap

The experience gap

Meeting expectations

People have increasing expectations against which they evaluate what brands deliver to them. This gap is the one that exists between the moments of truth that matter to people and the experiences brands deliver.