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Extending life

Sustainability Trends 2022: Extending Life

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh

Discover how brands are successfully acting upon the Extending Life trend from our 2022 Consumer Trend report, helping consumers extend the life of the products they buy rather than replacing them.

How pricing research can aid you in this inflation crisis

How pricing research can aid you in this inflation crisis

Written by Andy Buckley / Katia Pallini

From Australia to Italy, from Norway to South Africa, from Japan to the US, the cost of living is reaching new highs and is likely to continue doing so in the months to come. With that, marketers and businesses have a cumbersome task on their hands: re-evaluating their pricing models.

Child with cardboard rocket

What trends mean for innovation

Written by Katia Pallini

Trends are great fuel for innovation, yet acting upon a trend just because it is a trend simply won’t do the trick. Here are three things to consider when using trends in innovation.

2022 Trends in Finance

2022 Trends in Finance

Written by Scott Lee

The multitude of lockdown measures forced banks and financial institutions to rethink and reshape their service offering. Entering 2022, we see people reclaiming their lives and re-evaluating how they spend their time, energy and money. This blogpost will highlight three trends which will shape finance in the year to come.

2022 Trends in Consumer Goods

2022 Trends in Consumer Goods

Written by Daniel Teixeira / Daphne Leung

The market of consumer goods faced some considerable changes during the pandemic. With vaccination rates increasing, people are reclaiming their lives, also when it comes to shopping. In this second blogpost in a series of five, we zoom in on the key trends for consumer goods in 2022.

2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

Written by Marcello Garritano / Kate Rhodes

As people increasingly ‘rebound and rebalance’ and reclaim their lives, the Media & Entertainment sector is also expected to bounce back. This blogpost zooms in on three key trends this sector in 2022.

2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

Written by Jazz Ocfemia / Kate Rhodes

The past two years made people stay put, work from home, and shelve any travel plans. Entering 2022, we see people ‘rebound and rebalance’. In this last blogpost in a series of five, we’ll dive into three trends in travel and tourism to keep an eye out for.

2022 Trends in Health & Well-being

2022 Trends in Health & Well-being

Written by Laura Hunt / Victoria Mottershead

We are all living in a world where health and well-being agendas became a priority against the backdrop of a global pandemic. The million-dollar question for brands is, of course, how to respond to this changing landscape. Let’s dive into three trends that are shaping health and well-being!

Defining the consumer of 2022 in South Africa

Defining the consumer of 2022 in South Africa

Written by Henk Pretorius

2021 was the year of collective readjustment. Accepting the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 world, people tried to reclaim their lives, looking for a balance between the long term and short term to achieve happiness. In 2022, we will all strive to rebound and rebalance. Let’s see what this means for South-Africa.

Philips_Harald Tepper

Contributing to a sustainable planet with healthy people, an interview with Philips

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh / Sarah Van Oerle

Philips is one of the first health technology companies in the world that has become fully carbon-neutral in its operations. Time to connect with the brand to hear their take on doing business responsibly and sustainably.

Insights_golden egg

Three characteristics of a good insight

Written by Kristof De Wulf

Any good marketing strategy starts from a strong consumer insight. But when do you actually have a strong insight?

An interview with HP

Technology that makes business and society thrive – an interview with HP

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh / Sarah Van Oerle

By creating technology in the service of humanity, HP believes they can create the conditions for business and society to thrive hand in hand. But how does HP creates true environmental and social impact? An interview with Ellen Jackowski, Chief Impact Officer and Head of Sustainable Impact, and Matt Cowling, Head of Global Marketing Consumer PCs at HP.

Sustainability in consumer health, an interview with Perrigo

Sustainability in consumer health – an interview with Perrigo

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh / Sarah Van Oerle

The COVID-19 pandemic increased our collective focus on mental health and well-being. Yet, the topic is not new for consumer healthcare company Perrigo and is an integral part of its focus to do good for people, planet, and society. An interview with Fleur D’Haenens, Global Category Lead Skincare, and Tom van Avondt, Director Consumer and Market Intelligence at Perrigo.

Three ways to take trends forward

Written by Katia Pallini

The start of a new calendar year is characterized by the release of trend reports. But having browsed through some of those reports, you may wonder what you should do next? Many readers struggle with their actionability. To inspire you, we share three ways to take consumer trends forward.

The roaring Year of the Tiger: embark on your consumer collaboration adventure

Written by Daphne Leung

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the roaring ‘Year of the Tiger’. This year will be about adventure and making big changes. So, let’s see where 2022 will be heading.

Human experiences at the heart of healthcare

Written by Laura Hunt / Sarah Van Oerle

Together with Philips Healthcare, we designed a truly human-centric piece of research, adopting a holistic approach towards understanding people’s healthcare experiences. Read on to discover the key learnings from this collaboration.

2022 Consumer Trends Report

Defining the 2022 consumer – a trend report

Written by Kate Rhodes

Through the foresight of our leading-edge consumer network, we’ve identified the trends in consumer behavior that are manifesting as we speak, and we quantified them with 15,000+ everyday consumers around the world to understand their relevance. Read on and discover how to activate these trends for your brand.

Installing sustainable change by tapping into consumer habits, an interview with LIVEKINDLY

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh / Sarah Van Oerle

Consumers increasingly acknowledge that their eating habits have an influence on the environment. In this interview Kees Kruythoff, chairman & CEO at LIVEKINDLY, talks about how the brand supports consumers in cutting down on meat.

Battling food waste, an interview with Danone

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh / Sarah Van Oerle

Find out how Danone is acting upon its mission ‘One Planet. One Health’. An interview with Tine Ryssaert, then Sustainability for Growth Director EDP Belgium at Danone.

InSites Consulting and Gongos, Inc. join forces

InSites Consulting and Gongos, Inc. join forces to empower customer-centric growth for brands

Written by Anke Moerdyck

We’re joining forces with Gongos, Inc., a US customer-centricity consultancy. The acquisition of one of the US largest market research organizations (#47) enables us to reinforce our scale, expertise and services on the US market next to our existing New York presence since 2012.

InSites Consulting acquires cultural and creative consultancy Space Doctors

InSites Consulting acquires cultural and creative consultancy Space Doctors

Written by Anke Moerdyck

To address the growing client demand for cultural insight and semiotics, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Space Doctors, a culture-led brand consultancy. Together we build an extended and complimentary offering in strategic brand and business transformation.

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