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Katerina Stavrellis Arnott's testimonial

Creative crowdsourcing to get extra spark of ideas [an interview with Arnott’s]

Written by Sarah Van Oerle

We invited Katerina Stavrellis, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist at The Arnott’s Group, to explain how our proprietary network of creative consumers inspired the team with new snacking flavors.

Unlocking the power of consumers

Unlocking the power of consumers: meet the 90, 9 and 1 [infographic]

Written by

Dive into our ‘Unlocking the power of consumers’ infographic and discover how to involve the right consumer for the right task!

Understanding consumer trends and local culture [an interview with GSK]

Understanding consumer trends and local culture [an interview with GSK]

Written by

We invited Jo Stanbridge, Global Insight Lead Sensodyne at GSK, to share her experience on collaborating with leading-edge consumers to fully understand the importance of consumer trends and how they manifest within different cultures.

The consumer-centricity lighthouse [an interview with L’Oréal]

Written by

We invited Gaël Chevé, CMI International at L’Oréal Active Cosmetics (Cerave, La Roche Posay and Skinceuticals), to talk about the value of collaborating with ‘the 90’ or everyday consumers, and how this helps L’Oréal to further develop their consumer-centric thinking.

Drag Queens, Activists & Sneakerheads

Drag Queens, Activists & Sneakerheads

Written by Kelly McKnight

Our industry loves to talk people; we talk to ‘the consumer’ all day, every day. Yet, for the most part this is our consumer, today’s consumer, and generally the mass market. There’s a problem with this; it’s all a bit too comfortable. It reinforces our existing beliefs and leads to short-termism in marketing.


Meet ‘the 1’: the creative consumer

Written by Sarah Van Oerle / Henk Pretorius

“Creativity isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!” , says Duncan Wardle. With these words, the former Walt Disney Company’s Head of Creativity & Innovation argues that creativity can give companies a competitive edge. He refers to tech giant Apple as an example; this brand became a synonym for creativity; it also dominated BCG’s top 50 list of most innovative companies for the last 15 years.

Post-COVID Consumer Trends in Travel & Tourism

Post-COVID Consumer Trends in Travel & Tourism

Written by Scott Lee

The global pandemic has significantly impacted the travel & tourism industry; but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We explore the key trends that are most relevant in the travel & tourism sector; they are all anchored around universal drivers of happiness.

SkyTeam x Experience Marketing - podcast

SkyTeam x Experience Marketing [podcast]

Written by Katia Pallini

When we think about brands, we generally think about whatever it is they sell. Apple sells phones and computers, Disney sells entertainment, McDonald’s sells fast food. There is a key aspect to each that is incredibly important to what they sell; but it is far less tangible: experience.


Meet ‘the 9’: the leading-edge consumers

Written by Sarah Van Oerle / Henk Pretorius

All of us everyday consumers can share our everyday needs and frictions; but only a limited number of people can signal ‘things to come’, thereby curating the future. Those are the ones living on the edge – heavy users, trendsetters or early-adopters; they know precisely what is hot and next in a particular area.

You are not your consumer

You are not your consumer

Written by Sarah Van Oerle / Henk Pretorius

Any idea what the ‘Facebook Phone’, the ‘Microsoft Band’ and ‘Apple’s butterfly keyboard’ have in common? No, it has nothing to do with technology; all three products failed, with ‘a misfit with the market’ as most cited reason.

Wie verändert sich die Welt weiterhin in 2021?

Wie verändert sich die Welt weiterhin in 2021?

Written by Anita Peerdeman / Beatrice Keller

Die Welt hat sich verändert durch Covid-19 und anderen Faktoren. Wir fragen uns alle, wie verändert sich die Welt weiterhin in 2021? Um dies herauszufinden, haben wir eine globale Studie in 16 Ländern durchgeführt, um die Trends für 2021 zu prognostizieren. Anhand qualitativen und quantitativen Studien (mit über 1000 Teilnehmern pro Markt), konnten insgesamt 14 globale Trends identifiziert werden.

Think outside the box, in the year of the ox

Think outside the box in the year of the ox

Written by Scott Lee / Stephane Courqueux

At times like these, it is important that brands strive to put consumers first, connecting and collaborating with them continuously….

Neighbourly Networks

Defining the post-2020 consumer in South Africa

Written by Heather Tluczek / Amone Redelinghuys

A ‘trend’ is essentially a behaviour that consumers express when they navigate the world at one moment, in a particular…

Unapologetic activism

The rise and rise of Unapologetic Activism in Australia

Written by Erica van Lieven

Cricket Australia drops the Big Bash’s association with Australia Day. Eddie McGuire resigns as Collingwood Football Club President. Australian news…

Disentangling taboos

Taboos, Resilience and Activism: defining the post-2020 UK consumer

Written by Andy Cumming / Kylie Fitzpatrick

In our latest proprietary study, we identified 14 consumer trends; this is new and visible consumer behaviour, through qualitative exploration…

2021 Culture + Trends report: Happiness Reset

La differ-France : comment le consommateur français post-2020 se distingue

Written by Hakim Zemni / Thomas Langella

Il y a quelques semaines, nous avons présenté la dernière étude de notre équipe Culture + Trends; durant ce webinar,…

Meet the 90, the 9 and the 1

Not all consumers are alike – meet ‘the 90’, ‘the 9’, and ‘the 1’

Written by Sarah Van Oerle / Henk Pretorius

Have you ever consulted Wikipedia? You probably did. But have you ever created or adapted a page on the world’s largest reference website? Your answer is probably “no” which is not surprising; only less than 1% of the 1.7 billion unique visitors a month are active contributors.

InSites Consulting expands Asian footprint with the acquisition of Taiwan-based Answer

Expanding our Asian footprint with the acquisition of Taiwan-based Answer

Written by Anke Moerdyck

One year after the acquisition of ABN Impact, we’re thrilled to announce our second acquisition in the Asian region with Answer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

Trend Report 2021: Happiness Reset

Written by Kelly McKnight / Joeri Van den Bergh

Marking the beginning of a new decade, 2020 has resulted in a re-evaluation of our lives, our futures and the…

6 principles of persuasive marketing: how to influence people

Written by Niels Schillewaert

Today, consumers function as a brand’s amplifiers, which is why brands should actively invest in creating contagious content. Or as Jonah Berger puts it, conversation content should be STEPPS, a six-letter acronym for more persuasive marketing.

2021 Culture + Trends report

Defining the post-2020 consumer – a trend report

Written by Joeri Van den Bergh

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2021 Culture + Trends Report: Happiness Reset. In it, we identify 14 consumer trends that define the post-2020 consumer based on a three-part proprietary study conducted in December 2020. Entitled Happiness Reset, the report analyses how the events of 2020 have shaped how consumers seek and attain happiness.

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