The science of the What and the Why

The science of the What and the Why with GSK

On 21 September, at the 2021 ESOMAR Insights Festival, our very own Graeme Lawrence conducted a keynote interview with Zoë Ruffels, Global Head, Consumer and Business Insights and Analytics at GSK Consumer Healthcare. The interview title was ‘The Science of the What AND the Why’. In this fireside conversation, Graeme asked Zoë all about her role at GSK, and how she and her team make an impact on this global Consumer Healthcare company.

The full interview is available via ESOMAR’s members-only portal, but in this blogpost, we share already a few highlights.

Insights x Analytics

Listen to Zoë talk about the integration of insights with analytics and how that is driving deep human understanding at GSK.

Provoking for impact

Listen to Zoë talk about the pivotal role her team plays in putting the consumer centric at GSK, even in a ‘provocative’ way by challenging long-standing beliefs.

The ‘Joy of Movement’ campaign

Listen to Zoë talk about the ‘Joy of Movement’ campaign for Voltarol, as a perfect example of how GSK uses deep consumer understanding to move beyond functional benefits to what really matters in people’s lives.

From Consumer Intelligence to Consumer Centricity

Better Together Vol. 1: Consumer Centricity

In a world where change is inevitable, and the pace at which things change unpredictable, the ability to be responsive is the new competitive advantage. To stay relevant, brands need to surf the wave of change and build resilience by developing a collaborative mindset.

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