Improving the travel transfer experience for Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM is a French-Dutch airline holding company. To further improve the experience of travelers, Air France-KLM want to connect with their customers on an emotional level. Transfer flights in particular are complex situations, evoking a lot of emotions, mainly negative ones. In order to approach this situation as an opportunity and to demystify the innovation process, InSites Consulting and Air France-KLM collaborated on a complete and staged co-creation project, centralised around the emotional service perception.

What did we do?

By connecting with Air France-KLM frequent flyers in an online research community, 10 insight platforms were defined, emphasizing their needs, emotions and expectations. In a second phase, another group of frequent travelers placed the insights into perspective with their stories and came up with ideas on the My Transfer Idea community, a 3-week creative journey. Analysis of the ideas resulted in 32 concept boards; the 4 most feasible were integrated in a quantitative and emotional concept screener.
Air France and KLM MyTransfer community

The results

The My Transfer Idea project does not only use the emotional experience of travelers as a starting point for innovation in service design, the emotional layer is present in the complete innovation approach and connection with the frequent flyers. The negative emotions that were still present in the 4 selected concepts resulted in a re-write of the concept boards, to develop the final service proposition.

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