Closing the empathy gap with a global Consumer Connect Program

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Connecting with consumers around the world has never been easier than with the consumer connect program

The challenge

Our client, a global FMCG company, has a history of being close to the market, to stay on top of trends, be open and curious. But today, culture and context are changing rapidly, and consumers have become more diverse than ever before in their needs and passions. With travel and time constraints limiting the ability to be ‘on the ground’ and in close contact with consumers, our client was looking for a solution that would allow employees and consumers across the globe to connect with each other with just a few clicks. The company required a human engagement program at global scale, allowing teams to keep a finger on the pulse, empathize with the consumer world, install a consumer-first culture, and eventually make better and faster decisions.

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Our solution

Together, we developed a Global Consumer Connect Program, combining state-of-the art technology with human engagement and internal activation for enterprise adoption.

At the heart of the program, we have the Studio, a digital platform which facilitates connects across the globe and stimulates a culture of sharing back. The Studio is centered around five key functionalities:

  • LEARN: access to various training materials, incl. a set of conversation templates, allowing employees to grow their skillset and make the most of their connects.
  • BOOK: a DIY booking tool and a custom booking option – the matchmaking tool – allowing also for full service connect events. These hybrid booking options are our client’s gateway to thousands of pre-screened consumers in 27 countries.
  • SHARE: an overview of short and snappy ‘AHA’ moments (meaningful observations) from the connect sessions, created by and for internal stakeholders, building a learning curve across markets and categories.
  • CONSULT: a video library containing all connect recordings to browse through, (re-)watch and learn from.
  • TRACK: a connect and budget tracker, allowing all stakeholders to track their team’s progress on number of connects, impact of the connects and budget spendings.

Activating an organisation around consumer empathy requires more than a belief. We needed to drive the connect program users through the adoption journey – from awareness, to consideration, to belief, to engagement, and eventually advocacy. Together with our client, we developed a customer communication campaign and layered activation strategy to ensure new habits around connects were formed. Live onboarding trainings, and extensive Playbook and value add messaging throughout were pivotal in ensuring that connects became embedded in the daily business practice. Being a consumer-centricity agency, we were also able to provide additional services in response to the teams’ needs, such as consumer-centricity-themed workshopping, connect events, and reporting linked to doing connects.

The impact

Since the start in 2021, more than 2,000 stakeholders spread across 20+ of our client’s hubs worldwide have enrolled in the program. The impact survey showed high satisfaction and recommendation scores, with the program affecting the hearts, minds and actions of its users. Many more stakeholders are expected to join in the coming months.

Curious how you can keep a constant finger on the pulse? Find out more about what our Consumer Connect Program can do for your brand.

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