Creating a consumer-centric thinking culture for JBC

JBC, a Belgian-owned fashion retailer recently awarded as Best Belgian Retailer Chain and Retailer of the Year 2013 is currently running an online insight community with 200 Belgian consumers.
Since the beginning of 2013, we have a structural collaboration with JBC which allows us to bring the consumer into the heart of the organization: the consumer is involved in the decision-making process in several domains throughout the entire company. Our challenge is in the first place to identify consumer needs on all touchpoints of the consumer journey and secondly to match those needs with the values of the JBC DNA we defined. This allows JBC to relevantly tap into those needs and to make them the ultimate consumer-centric fashion brand in Belgium.

What did we do?

Early 2013, we set up a continuous online insight community consisting of two separate communities in Flanders and Wallonia, each with 100 consumers. We have a balanced amount of customers and non-customers who think along with us and collaborate on various strategic and tactical challenges. Every quarter we focus on a strategic challenge (e.g. omnichannel, JBC DNA, staff…), helping us to determine strategies for the long term, while we have about 4 tactical challenges (e.g. social media, special collection, newsletter..) a quarter which tap into JBC’s daily and very tangible needs. In our community, we use various research techniques, such as: discussions, projective techniques, mystery shopping…
JBC Family

The results

This ongoing and fast connection with the consumer allows us to tackle both the strategic and the tactical challenges JBC is facing. On a strategic level we have defined the different touchpoints which customer centricity consists of. For each touchpoint, we have identified the consumer needs JBC will tap into by adapting their long-term strategy in all relevant business domains. On a tactical level, fast and concrete output is delivered, helping JBC to execute the strategy they have determined. The combination of both levels – strategic and tactical – definitely helps them to achieve the ultimate goal of customer centricity.

How did the client experience it?

“Thanks to the online insight community, we are in direct contact with the consumer and this ensures we can make fast decisions that are relevant for all departments throughout the company.”
Roberto Pergola, CRM & Research Manager at JBC