Creating a consumer-driven culture for Danone

Danone Netherlands has many well-known consumer brands in the dairy market, such as Activia, Danio and Danoontje. For Danone it is important that they are in close-contact with their consumers on a daily basis in order to increase market understanding, increase awareness and drive organisational change by involving the consumer in every step of the decision making process.
In February 2014 we selected a carefully screened group of 150 consumers to participate in the ongoing online insight/ research community, which is called Yoghurt Talk.

What did we do?

We set up an online insight community with 150 enthusiastic dairy users from the Netherlands. The yoghurt talkers are participating in so called Deep Dives every 3 months in which we tackle relevant strategic topics for the organization. By talking with our consumers on a daily basis we become part of their everyday life; this enables us to really get under their skin. We are now able to deeply understand their behaviour and the underlying emotions and needs.
Danone Yoghurt Talk community
A unique partnership between Danone and InSites Consulting ensures a high business relevance of everything we do; the consumers have a real seat in the boardroom now.
Next to the strategic deep dives there are tactical challenges in the remaining weeks. These tactical challenges for the participants are posted and moderated by the Danone team themselves.

The results

After each Deep Dive we organize a workshop with all relevant teams such as marketing, sales and trade marketing. Additionally we work together with advertising agencies to combine all of our skills. This helps the Danone team to quickly implement the results of the community in their day-to-day-job.
In this perspective, the Activia Deep Dive has helped the team in building a new brand passport for the brand and they are currently working on a renewed brand story with the input from the community. Next to a wealth of inspiration and food for thought a wide scale of tactical challenges helped the Danone team with a.o. determining the ideal shelf position for Danoontje yoghurt drink; get familiar with the most indulging snacks in the Netherlands and the real life evaluation of many test products.

How did the client experience it?

“Everyone is really enthusiastic about Yoghurt Talk, the value of the community is very high, all teams incorporate the insights in their day-to-day business challenges and decision taking.”
Annemieke Onderdelinden, Strategy & Insights Manager a.i. at Danone Dairy
“Since we have introduced our structural online insight community, we are generating double the consumer insights at half the cost.”
Kris Geeraert, CEO Danone Benelux