Creating an e-commerce benchmark for Comeos

Comeos, the Belgian trade organization, gathers and shares knowledge and serves as a network platform for 18 different sectors. Given the growth of online shopping the past few years, the sector e-commerce has grown a lot in importance. To fuel its position as industry facilitator, Comeos’ ultimate objective is to feed its stakeholders with facts and figures and its ambition to create awareness about the role of e-commerce in today’s retail environment.

What did we do?

Over the past 4 years, we tracked online shopping behaviour, by means of an online survey among 1,000 Belgians a year. In 2014, a discussion forum was added to this survey, which taps into key challenges the Belgian e-trade environment is facing (e.g. the level of trustworthiness, the role of Belgian vs foreign webshops etc.)

The results

The quantitative survey results in a report which is considered a benchmark among all Belgian retailers. Next to general insights on e-commerce KPIs (e.g. penetration, frequency etc.), the overall report gives insights in important trends and evolutions (e.g. the role of social media, mobile commerce etc.). Sector-relevant reports help to give insights in the nitty gritty differences. The results are annually presented at the Comeos e-commerce summer event.