Developing strong insights for Vitroclen

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Discover how we gained strong consumer insights on drivers & barriers for buying Vitroclen to inspire a new advertising campaign for Reckitt.


The challenge

Reckitt is a British multinational consumer goods company. They aim to drive growth over the next years for their Vitroclen brand, designed to clean vitro and induction hobs. Effective media coverage is a key pillar in this growth strategy. In the ‘Faites Chauffer‘ community, our main challenge was to gain strong consumer insights on the key entry drivers/ barriers for buying Vitroclen. This would help them develop a new advertising copy that drives brand growth.

Our solution

We connected the Vitroclen team for two weeks with a mix of 30 Vitroclen users and competitor brand users; they all assembled in an online research community).

During the first week, there were observational picture tasks, discussions and evaluation topics. These lead us to mapping the drivers and barriers for buying and using Vitroclen and competitor products. During an intermediate break we developed insights together with the Vitroclen team as input for the final week of consumer discussions. In a closing workshop, we selected the best insight for a new advertising copy, together with the marketing and research team.

The impact

The community succeeded in obtaining strong insights on the key entry drivers/barriers for buying Vitroclen. The insight with the most potential was used to develop a new advertising copy that resulted in a significant sales uplift – exposure even lead to the biggest sales uplift in the past 5 years.

Insights derived from community conversations directly inspired our revamped advertising copy. It turned out to be a fruitful approach to recycle consumer feedback this way, resulting in a clear sales increase.”

Mathilde Levy, Senior Consumer & Market Insights Manager, Reckitt

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