Developing a conversation management strategy for Dunlop

Dunlop Tyres is the largest UK manufacturer of car tyres and because consumers only care about tyres when they need new ones or when they have a puncture, Dunlop wanted to tap into the power of conversations and social media to connect with consumers, even if they weren’t in the process of buying a new set of tyres for their car or motorcycle.

What did we do?

An online quantitative survey was conducted in Germany, France, Spain and the UK among driving enthusiasts, in order to gain insight in the quantity and quality of conversations they have regarding tyres, tyre brands and racing. To assess whether or not there was still space for a new digital platform, German and French content from blogs, social networks and forums was collected and analysed using netnography.

The results

Because of the sheer volume and huge impact of conversations, Dunlop made conversation management a priority. However, because of the many digital communities which already exist for racing enthusiasts and the fact that tyres are not the starting point of conversations, Dunlop decided to develop content to spread through existing platforms, rather than creating a platform of their own.

“I finally started going beyond test results and got myself informed about tyres through literature, but especially through online forums and discussion boards.”
“If the noise of the Chinese tyres is the only thing bothering you, then the Michelin ones you mentioned have exactly the same problem.”