Feeding the innovation funnel for beauty and hair care for P&G

Procter & Gamble by InSites Consulting

Facilitating consumer collaboration throughout the innovation process and driving organizational change at P&G.


The challenge

Procter & Gamble has a long tradition of consumer centricity, re-affirmed by its mantra that the consumer is boss. In line with this vision, the P&G global research center in Singapore wanted to bring in a new consumer connect capability by setting up an ongoing online research community across its core markets. The key objective was to increase market understanding, facilitate consumer collaboration throughout the innovation process and drive organizational change.

P&G The beauty within me community

Our solution

We connected the P&G team with 50 women who are passionate about beauty and hair care, from 3 different key markets, as part of an online insight community.

For each of the two product categories, consumers addressed one strategic challenge, during two weeks, through a mix of diary tasks and group discussions. In addition, tactical challenges provided a quick answer to urgent questions from internal stakeholders throughout 6 additional weeks.

Techniques such as mobile ethnography and short survey formats stimulated consumers’ engagement and the richness of their contributions.

The impact

The approach proved its high fit for tackling high level strategic questions. It generated conceptual frameworks which are used to guide the innovation process for beauty and hair care.

Throughout the project, a global and very engaged consumer community shared their highly personal stories in more than 4200 posts, 2700 pictures and 70 hours of video. It therefore succeeded in bringing the consumer to life for the P&G team.

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