How a brand tracker continuously informs Duvel's gut feeling

Duvel Moortgat by InSites Consulting

Duvel integrated InSites Consulting’s ‘Brand Religions’ philosophy in its brand tracking approach to determine key drivers for future growth and to continuously inform its marketers gut feeling


The challenge

Duvel Moortgat, a Belgian family-run brewery, is a business that has grown globally by combining business-savvy common sense with the ever-inspired marketers’ gut feeling. Today, Duvel wishes to complement this blend of common sense and gut feeling with key performance indicators for its main brands in their key markets (Belgium, the Netherlands and China), ultimately supporting their growth and penetration in these countries. Duvel is looking for a tracker that reflects the company’s vision, the marketing’s strategy and most importantly, that is actionable.

Triggered by our ‘Brand Religions’ vision and Byron Sharp’s thinking, the team decided to collaborate with InSites Consulting to develop a dedicated and actionable brand tracker.


Our solution

According to Byron Sharp (see the Penetration Religion in our Brand Religions bookzine), brands need to be salient with the right memory structures in the relevant consumption moments. Once considered, it’s about being distinct and physically available to convert consideration into penetration/ usage.

Based on this thinking, we developed a brand tracker for Duvel that contains metrics to measure three main components: (1) mental availability, (2) distinctiveness, and (3) physical availability. The online survey is currently running on a weekly basis, reaching 3,000+ consumers per market (China, Belgium and the Netherlands), across three to five of the Duvel Moortgat brands, and two to three competitive brands per market.

Complementary to the trackers, Duvel had an insight community ‘The Brewery’ at their fingertips since 2019, through our Square platform. Their team can tap into the community to cross-check the brand tracker results and ask consumers to explain findings and/or co-create on ideas to help the Duvel brands grow and be even more successful.


The impact

Every quarter, next to an extensive detailed report, Duvel receives three key insights/ recommendations (on brand assets, awareness, brand image, entry points…) and a one-pager dashboard per brand, which the teams use to track the effectiveness of their actions growing their brands (see a dummy dashboard slide with fictional data below). The research results – in combination with yearly Culture + Trends inspiration sessions from our thought leader Joeri Van den Bergh – help fuel Duvel’s yearly Global Brand Strategy meeting, where the entire Duvel Moortgat marketing and sales community gathers to create the upcoming year’s strategy.

Andy Van Hassel - Duvel Moortgat

“The brand tracker is part of a larger eco-system we have in place together with InSites Consulting: it is the data-driven piece of a larger story. Next to these data dashboards, we are also continuously in touch with our consumers in a qualitative way through our ongoing online communities with InSites Consulting. On these platforms, we collect people’s opinions and understand the ‘why and the how’ behind the ‘what and the who’ that the brand tracker reveals. The brand tracker plays a truly important role in the total picture we paint for our brands in an international context, as it triggers inspiration and action in our brand and marketing teams, and more importantly, it continuously keeps track of our performance and evolution in the markets.”

Andy Van Hassel, Global Marketing Director, Duvel Moortgat

“The brand tracker has given us a better insight into the performance of our brands and ensures that we pursue a sharper marketing strategy. Eventually it helps us to focus better. I continuously look forward to the new quarterly figures, as each time we draw new lessons from the results. Lessons we can immediately apply in our brand activation plans.”

Emilie Heesters, Marketing Manager the Netherlands, Duvel Moortgat

Brand Religions bookzine by InSites Consulting

Brand Religions

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