Mapping the health & wellness shopping journey for Dannon

To reframe its understanding of the in-store experience, Dannon initiated the Healthy Minded People community. By understanding the shopping behavior and context of consumers who aspire a lifestyle of Health & Wellness, Dannon can now take practical steps to enhance the shopping experience and make it more accessible, exciting and engaging.

What did we do?

Typical shopper research methodologies like shop-alongs, eye tracking and virtual store simulations take on a narrow view of the experience of the shopper. To capture the holistic shopper journey, follow consumers during different shopping trips and tap into the consulting power of shoppers, Dannon activated almost 100 shoppers across 7 retailers in the US in the Healthy Minded People community.
Dannon Health Minded People community
By following the shopper journey (from shopping list and in-store experience until groceries are stocked) and by activating shoppers to capture inspiration (from e.g. a trip to the farmers’ market), a unique view was established on the needs of the target group.
What was different from traditional shopper research?

  • From a singular perspective to a holistic outlook
  • From passively studying consumers to activating consumers
  • From informing to activating consumer insights (e.g. TED-style presentation, client co-presentation, visual interactive consumer dashboard…)

The results

The hybrid approach (combining task-driven blogs and discussions with crowd interpretation) provided a holistic view on 4 core areas:

  • Lifestyle exploration: What is the motivation for consumers to aspire a lifestyle of Health and Wellness? What are barriers to act on this?
  • Universe of healthy foods: What can the dairy category learn from other categories in healthy food? How to bring the sensorial experience of fruit and vegetables to the functional and cold dairy aisle?
  • Shopper journey: 12 new insights across 3 phases – preparing, shopping and consuming – were brought to life in the Shopper Story Dashboard, making all observations easily accessible.
  • Retailer differences: Detection of 6 dimensions that distinguish the retailers as a Health & Wellness destination to tailor retail innovations.

How did the client experience it?

“The Crowd Interpretation Game was the most unexpectedly productive part of the journey. People had a lot of vivid reactions to other people’s experiences.”

Olesya Govorun, Director Strategy and Insights at The Dannon Company

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