Shaping the brand vision for D.E. Master Blenders

D.E. Master Blenders 1753 (a Dutch corporation processing and trading in coffee, tea and other groceries), being an ambitious company, wanted a complete immersion in the world of the 21st century coffee consumer. The objective was to:
1. Gain understanding in the perception of the coffee category
2. Gain understanding in the consumption patterns of consumers
3. Explore how the different coffee categories can remain relevant
4. Chart the mental representations of the different brands
5. Gain understanding in the coffee shopper / experience
6. Connect with coffee lovers and understand their expectations
In addition to these strategic questions, they also had more tactical questions, such as how certain marketing campaigns can be improved or how certain flavours are perceived.

What did we do?

The result of the 3-month Consumer online research community was an immense amount of data covering different business objectives. From a customer-centric perspective we wanted to bring consumers into the company and let their voice be heard. The goal was to make everybody at the company think “What would the community say?” This was achieved in different ways.

  1. Frequent short and digestible reports were used to be disseminated throughout the company to make sure the research had an impact on every business unit.
  2. With intensive immersion days, the brand managers and market research managers were immersed in the world of the consumer and confronted with the reality of the coffee lover.
  3. In a final workshop with the general management, where a condensed report served as input for brainstorms, more strategic goals were defined and tested.

The results

This allowed D.E. Master Blenders 1753 to better focus its daily marketing activities as well as shape its strategic vision for the future. Fueled with concrete knowledge about the dynamic consumption behaviour of coffee consumers and their perception and experiences of the myriad coffee varieties, D.E. Master Blenders 1753 is now ready to re-orient its portfolio as to even better serve the different needs of coffee lovers.