Shaping the digital strategy for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola by InSites Consulting

Understanding consumers’ digital needs across generations to co-create Coca-Cola’s digital future.


The challenge

The Coca-Cola Company wanted to re-define its presence in the digital world. They required a solid understanding of the digital behavior, needs and expectations amongst teens and young adults as their key target groups. How do consumers currently interact with brands in the digital space? Why do they look for digital content and what drives them in this process? Which devices and platforms do they use? What do they expect from brands in the online world? The idea was to understand the consumers’ digital needs across different generations and to co-create Coca-Cola’s digital future.

Our solution

Two online research communities were set up in 7 European markets (England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Poland) with 200 parents and 200 teens (aged 16 to 19). During 4 weeks of discussion, we generated 12,000+ stories and observations on the digital space.

The impact

Based on the 12,000+ stories, key consumer insights were distilled from the different generations involved. Learnings were shared on what needs to change now and how Coca-Cola can stay relevant in the future. The full results were debriefed in a full-day workshop which was attended by stakeholders from different teams, markets and levels.

The Coca-Cola Company is now using these findings in the next phase of the re-design of their digital strategy for the years to come.

The research has made us adjust our communication strategy; in the near future we will be moving to a more holistic-driven approach. This study has also contributed to our data-driven marketing strategy to deliver segmented, targeted, personalized and predictive marketing through digital over the coming period. All of the stakeholders at Coke were happy with the insight community formula, it’s definitely something we’ll repeat in the near future.

Patrick Hendrickx, Senior Manager Global Interactive Operations, The Coca-Cola Company

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