Understanding sugar consumption to optimize Südzucker’s brand positioning

Südzucker by InSites Consulting

Exploring the world of sugar with German consumers to offer insight to Südzucker on how to evolve as a brand in the future.


The challenge

The Südzucker Group was formed in 1926 and is one of the leading food producers in Europe; they are also the leader on the European sugar market with a sugar production of round 4.8 million ton. There was a clear need to get in-depth understanding of the German sugar consumer in general, of the Südzucker consumer more specifically, and on key information about the real added value aspects the Südzucker brand (should) offer(s).

Südzucker Süsse Momente Board

Our solution

We set up a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. First, we ran an online research community of three weeks with 114 German sugar consumers. This resulted in more than 5,000 individual posts and over 650 pictures. The rich qualitative data provided them with insights about the world of sugar, consumer’s opinion of sugar brands and how Südzucker could evolve as a brand in the future.

Secondly, a quantitative Brand Health survey gave Südzucker insights on the awareness, usage, associations and brand performance of the German sugar brands. Finally this survey helped us understand the relevant touchpoints of heavy Südzucker users.

The impact

The results of this research were presented towards different Südzucker stakeholders (including Südzucker staff, but also some of their marketing agencies) in an activating way. The workshop included a presentation, immersion exercises, quizzes, ideation games, etc.; this resulted in very actionable recommendations and ideas to create a clear and actionable brand.

Based on this research, the Südzucker marketing agencies were briefed to build their marketing plan of the coming year(s); this took into account the consumer information. In the end, this research enabled Südzucker to develop their unique future brand positioning; and to steer their communication through all relevant touchpoints.

InSites Consulting did brilliant work during the entire project; with the execution of the market research, perfect customer service, the processing of the results and an unequaled way of presenting and explaining the results. Amazing! Haven’t seen such good work for a long time.

​Benjamin Kalberlah, Marketing Manager, Südzucker

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