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Rumor has it! The use of subliminal messaging in movie theaters

A penny for your thoughts E2

Many people are understandably suspicious of marketing. Not only are more and more brands screaming for our attention, cluttering the many physical and digital spaces that make up our daily lives, but we are also becoming more aware of our psychological shortcomings. Rarely does a week go by without some sort of pop-psychology news citing …

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Is marketing research a dying horse?

What makes people tick? Why do people buy what they buy? How (and why) do people choose certain products over others? These are some of the questions that lie at the foundation of the market research industry, a billion-dollar business which is centered around connecting with consumers in order to understand and capture their underlying …

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Coming soon: A penny for your thoughts

Market research is about people and people all have stories to tell. We want to tell those stories. This summer we’re launching a new podcast exploring the industry built around understanding people’s motivations. We’re talking to clients, researchers, academics – anyone with a story to tell about market research. Because the best research is all …

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