Our global consultant teams are fully trained by in-house experts and equipped with (proprietary) marketing frameworks to support brands in fuelling more impactful innovation, stronger branding and communication, and more memorable customer experiences.

Furthermore, our dedicated expert teams of thought leaders, strategists, cultural insights specialists and data scientists go beyond current consumer opportunities, and provide future-facing insights to get your brand to the future first. Explore our expert domains for a taste of the future…

Gen Z

Eager to regain the freedom they lost during the global pandemic, Gen Z is ready to change the world, shaping future consumer behavior and with that also impacting brands.

You’ve probably heard of them as Post-Millennials, iGeneration, Zoomers or Generation Z … fact is they are the generation that never knew life without Google. This digitally native generation is social-media-literate, always-on and hyper-informed, and they grew up against the backdrop of social upheaval and climate change.

Today, Gen Z is the world’s largest generation cohort, accounting for one third of the global population. They have the fastest-growing disposable income, which is expected to reach $33 trillion over the next decade. So, no matter what you call this generation, your business future depends on them.

Want to know who Gen Z are and how your brand can connect with this woke consumer?

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Understanding Gen Z


Sustainability is not a USP but it should be an innovation driver. The new consumer is demanding brands to be consciously involved in contributing to a better world, yet how sustainable is sustainability for your brand? 

Our proprietary research shows that brands that claim to be (more) sustainable are perceived as more trustworthy, more up to date, and providing a higher level of quality. But sustainability is such a broad theme; it is about environmental responsibility, but also about ethical and fair business, including topics such as diversity, equality and inclusion. So, where to start? What does sustainability mean for your brand?

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Branding & communication

No two brands are the same – they have different objectives, serve different needs, are in different stages of their product life cycle, face different levels of competitive intensity, are run by different marketers with their own strategies etc.

From developing a brand key, testing a communication campaign to tracking brand performance, we understand and master different schools of thought and actively use this expertise when defining the leading approach for your brand challenges.

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Branding & Communication


Innovation is high on the agenda for many organizations, yet incumbents and established companies often struggle with the speed and quality of innovation, and are challenged by successful disruptors and start-ups. The old ways of innovating often lack the DNA of what makes the disruptors successful: friction, passion and pilot.

Our innovation research is designed around an iterative approach which structurally integrates these three DNA elements.

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Customer experience

Being a consumer-centric organization isn’t just the domain of a select few; every business that has the genuine desire to offer a truly satisfying customer experience can and should achieve this goal.

Our flexible customer experience research program guides you in understanding and mapping the customer journey, crafting new solutions and tracking your performance across touchpoints.

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Customer Experience