Branding & communication

Branding & Communication

No two brands are the same – they have different objectives, serve different needs, are in different stages of their product life cycle, face different levels of competitive intensity, are run by different marketers with their own strategies etc.

So why is it that we measure them the same way? Why do market researchers have the tendency to push standardized research approaches across brands regardless of a brand’s context?


An amplitude of branding frameworks is guiding marketers on how to grow strong brands. These theories and models have been translated into numerous books inspiring marketers on how to achieve brand success. Trying to capture and simplify this abundance of theories and framework, we found we could group them in five schools of thought or Brand Religions:

  • The Classic Religion, the foundation of marketing inspired by Kotler, Keller,… highlighting the importance of differentiation.
  • The Influencer Religion, emphasizing the power of word-of-mouth and their impact on brand leverage.
  • The Penetration Religion, inspired by Byron Sharp, stating that brands grow by building mental & physical availability.
  • The Relationship Religion, stressing the importance of emotions and relationship marketing.
  • The Experience Religion, where the experience itself become the product.

All these branding frameworks do not only define brand strength, but also which metrics to pursue and how these should be measured, influencing ultimately what we research and how.

From developing a brand key, testing a communication campaign to tracking brand performance, we understand and master these different schools of thought and actively use this expertise when defining the leading approach for your brand challenges.


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Discover how our branding & communication expertise has supported brands around the world

Duracell by InSites Consulting

Creative crowdsourcing inspired Duracell’s international communication campaign

Our creative network eÿeka provided 98 ideas to Duracell to link the brand, its power benefit and the ever-running bunny in the Running Campaign.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts logo

Identifying distinctive assets for Jacobs Douwe Egberts

How implicit measurement brought JDE’s ‘Aroma Lady’ back to the forefront of its packaging.

Discovering brand opportunities on micro communities for Twitter

Discovering brand opportunities on micro communities for Twitter

Going beyond regular research, our Culture + Trends solution provides future-facing insights. Together with Twitter we explored brand territories on social media.

Brand Religions bookzine by InSites Consulting

Brand Religions

Simplifying the world of marketing, grouping the most popular books, frameworks and beliefs in different schools of thoughts or ‘brand religions’. So what is your brand religion and are you measuring brand success the right way?

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Designing the right brand tracker for your brand


Determine your Brand Religion

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach or that there is a right or a wrong one. Our belief is that your brand tracker should be customized and optimized according to your marketing strategy.


Choose the right KPIs and metrics

We go beyond the standard measures and help you choose the right KPIs and metrics, to ensure you track and evaluate your brand performance in the most appropriate way.


Build your modules

We believe in a modular approach to tracking. You can choose fixed blocks that fit your ‘Brand Religion’ – and you can move on to different modules over the course of time depending on your marketing mix.


Niels Schillewaert
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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