Even in the crisis context we find ourselves in today, innovation is still key. With pressure on resources many don’t dare to innovate. But great ideas will be needed to survive, and perhaps even thrive, in these unprecedented times.

Many organizations, however, still resemeble assembly lines rather than hot beds of creativity, their imperative being to do the same thing better, faster and cheaper, rather than focusing on reshaping for the better.

We help you to do what matters through the development of new products and services by combining human and cultural insight with strategic innovation consulting. Our three leading principles provide the backbone of our innovation process, but we recognise that not all business challenges are the same. Therefore, these are adapted to your brand and audiences.

  • Inspired by design thinking, we start by (re)framing the problem. Our goal is to create a solution that is desirable for people, and the planet.
  • We combine human and cultural insight, tailored to the innovation horizon you’re targeting. This is done using a broad repertoire of tools and expertise, from ethnography and analytics, to concept creation.
  • We bring in the right people to accelerate your journey: from creative crowdsourcing to engaging your internal stakeholders through the activation spectrum.

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Discover how our Innovation research has supported brand around the world

More, better and faster new product launches for Anheuser-Busch

More, better and faster new product launches for Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch reinvented its innovation process; as a result they drove 50% of the industry innovation volume in the last two years, up from 10% in 2017.

Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch of Perrigo’s ACO brand

Supercharging concepts for direct-to-consumer launch of Perrigo’s ACO brand

Perrigo successfully launched its ACO skincare brand in the German market. The basis was a versatile mix of Culture + Trends analysis and leading-edge consumer insights.

Collaborating with the right consumers at the right time to fuel Fanta's innovation funnel

Collaborating with the right consumers at the right time to fuel Fanta’s innovation funnel

Fanta tapped into the power of diverse consumers via an iterative innovation approach; that is how they gathered 140 raw ideas, leading to 21 consumer validated concepts.

What are the steps to innovation in business?



Identify what you know, what you don’t know and what you want to know. Define the opportunities that are most relevant for your business. Plan how to best meet your specific goals and objectives.


Fall in love with the problem and foster co-creation

Get immersed in the area you want to innovate. Directly engage with audiences that interest you, and most importantly, audiences that are interested in you. Build empathy through consumer understanding and make observations to turn into winning insights.

Unite internal stakeholders around your opportunity areas to fuel idea generation. Concept testing is the next step, continual optimization is needed to explore how your concepts can evolve and respond to future scenarios.


Build your case

You can now assess the desirability, feasibility, viability and sustainability of your innovation concept. Develop a compelling pitch, based on your insight generation and concept testing to convince stakeholders to further fund and develop. Keep a library of your concepts and learnings across your innovation work to detect patterns and create best practices.

What Matters 2023 Report Image

What Matters to People in 2023 – Trend Report

What are the consumer trends for 2023? In a year infused with distress, instability and vulnerability, people are searching for meaning. Whatever the context, this report will help you understand what matters to your audiences today and tomorrow.

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